"The core business of The Dale Cassens Education Complex is to educate each child every day to his or her fullest potential while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment."

About Us

Alternative education has undergone a dramatic transformation. The Dale Cassens Education Complex, an Alternative Education site, located at 1901 South 11th Street in Fort Pierce, is a learning community consisting of five houses.

The first house is the Lucie Adolescent Parenting Program, LAPP. This is a day care facility for infants and toddlers 0 – 4 years of age. Students volunteer to attend school, on site, while their child(ren) are provided with a safe learning environment.

Our second house is the 8 / 9 Transition Program. This program is a district wide voluntary program for students who are over age for their grade level and who have been retained more than one time. They may enroll for one year spending one semester in eighth grade and one semester in ninth grade leaving with five high school credits.

The third and fourth houses consist of a behavior based middle and high school. Students, throughout the district, attend voluntarily or are placed based on violations of the Code of Conduct. Generally these students will remain with us for one semester or until they meet criteria for exit.

Our last house is our east campus for former Dale Cassens School students. This house serves special needs students with emotional behavior challenges and/or autistic students with disabilities.

Key strategies to the success of The Dale Cassens Education Complex include:

  • Positive Behavior Support Practices
  • School-wide Behavior Management System
  • Computer Based Instruction
  • Individual and Small Group Instruction
  • On-site Behavioral and Mental Health Counseling
  • Opportunities for Parent and Community Involvement

We have been and will continue to be a PBS model school with gold and bronze status.

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