MOAThe Marine Oceanographic Academy Prep Program (MOA Prep)



The Marine Oceanographic Academy Prep Program (MOA Prep) is a specifically directed program of preparatory studies for a limited cohort of grade 6-8 students who have been selected for transition to the upper level Marine and Oceanographic Academy of Harbor Branch at Florida Atlantic University. MOA Prep is a district middle school attractor program with 44 students per grade. It is offered to students in St. Lucie County who demonstrate an aptitude in science and academic ability by scoring high on standardized tests and maintaining a high standard of behavior in school. Students are chosen from the entire St. Lucie School District and be bused to Forest Grove. Students chosen must perform at high levels on the FSA English/Language Arts and Math assessments and be recommended by their current science teacher. Students take advanced classes in math, language arts, science and social studies and take the MOA Prep class as a science elective.


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Moa Prep’s emphasis on community involvement and interaction is for the purpose of building communication, science and math skills by teaching St. Lucie County’s brightest and best students about aquaculture, coastal habitats, water quality and marine life. Students go on field trips to local research and oceanographic institutions and hear speakers with expertise in related fields.

Speakers have included research scientists from Harbor Branch and related organizations, The USDA research institute in Ft. Pierce, Ocean Research and Conservation (ORCA), and the Indian Riverkeeper,


Edie Widder ORCA



Dr. Grant Gilmore

Grant Gillmore

Marty Baum, Indian Riverkeeper


Shark researcher Ellen Prager

Shark researcher Ellen Prager


Dr. Ed Stover USDA

Torry Pines


Field trips have taken students to Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, The USDA Agricultural Research Lab, The Smithsonian Marine Ecosystem Exhibit, Florida Oceanographic Society, The Loggerhead Marine sea Turtle Center in Juno and area parks and water attenuation facilities.

capt. chop

We are offering a challenging curriculum coupled with

Students pilot the vessel Gater on the Indian River Lagoon”

involvement in the community, to help students to reach new heights. Forest Grove developed the program to enable talented students to prepare for the rigorous MOA Academy at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, where they focus on marine science while attending Westwood High School. Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute and Florida Atlantic University provide World class resources and opportunities to science minded students.

The Forest Grove Middle School program will motivate students to excel by offering science enrichment with hands on experiences in aquaculture, water quality monitoring and habitat restoration. Key to this will be a series of field trips for all of the participating grade levels and separate field trips principally for the eighth grade students’ study of habitat restoration.

 Bill Hoffman Bill Hoffman Director Smithsonian Marine Ecosystem exhibit

GPS Project

MOA Prep at Forest Grove is all about the fun and excitement of marine science. Not all students will become marine biologists. Florida will have scientists, lawyers, engineers and citizens in all walks of life that excel because of the infused background in marine sciences and aquaculture.

For more information on MOA Prep or to find out how you can help contact Kevin Stinnette at