Kids are the key to America’s future and computers are the tools of the time. Today, virtually every job in America will require some use of technology. These are the reasons we feel technology instruction is so important at F.K. Sweet. Beyond the benefit of the future, computers capture children’s attention…and keep it. Computers make learning come alive and create learning experiences that weren’t possible before. Technology and education are a powerful combination.

FKS has two computer labs. One of them is used by the Technology Specialist, Mrs. Adrian. She teaches kindergarten through fifth grade students computer literacy. She uses software programs that relate to their classroom studies, along with discussions and other programs tailored to learning essential technology skills. While in Technology Class, the students will learn:

  • Keyboarding
  • Internet Safety
  • Word Processing
  • Internet Navigation
  • Presentation Tools
  • Technology Terminology
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Computer Ethics

The second computer lab is open for all teachers to come in and work with their students on any project they choose.

Every classroom has 4-5 computers set up for student use. At present, we have over 300 PCs, all networked together and connected to the Internet.


Please click here to access our Symbaloo page, which contains shortcuts to all of the websites we use in school.



Please click here for some information about Quizlet study sets created for FKS curriculum.

Our Computer Lab

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