Awards and Distinctions


Five Star School Award

There are several components that are required in order to obtain the distinction of a Five Star School.

Schools must:

· demonstrate a continuous outreach to the community and retain the relationship with them through training and recognition of their efforts.

· develop and maintain family involvement.  We must have an active PTO, provide trainings/outreach activities as well as show evidence that we communicate with our families in a variety of ways.

· obtain a total number of volunteer hours that equates to twice the student population as well as providing recognition for our volunteers.

· provide opportunities for students to participate in community service for our local community (feeding homeless, etc) as well as 50% our students are involved in community activities (food drive, cross-school tutoring)

· show evidence of a School Advisory Council that meets at least 8 times a year and includes the participation in the development of a portion of the School Improvement Plan.


Golden School Award

The Golden School Award is given annually by the Florida Department of Education to recognize public schools with exemplary volunteer programs.  On May 31, 2013, Floresta was awarded this recognition for our School Volunteer Program.  Thank you to our many volunteers who give so generously of their time and talents to support our students and teachers.

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