Dress Code

Dear Floresta Families,

This newsletter is to inform you of the new dress code starting in August for the new school year of 2016-2017. The School Advisory Council, School Faculty Council and the administration worked collaboratively in this matter. It was approved by the School Advisory Council on February 17th. The goal was for all families to have this information well in advance of the starting of school in August so families can shop accordingly.

What to Wear:

Shirts: Solid, stripe or plaid collar shirts with sleeves, polo or button-up and tucked in.

School T-shirt and tucked in.

Dresses: Solid color with sleeves and a collar.

Pants/Short/Skirts: Solid navy, black, tan/beige.

Skirts/dresses/shorts must be knee length (Bermuda shorts length)

Jeans: Solid denim with no faux holes, bleaching, prints, or embellishments of any kind.

Jackets/Sweatshirts: Must be plain color or school sweatshirt.

Black or White tights/leggings under dresses or skirts.

Belts must be worn if clothing has loops.

Shoes with closed toes and a back.

Natural color hair only.

Clothes must fit appropriately.

What not to wear:

No athletic shorts.

No sweatpants of any kind even if they have zippers or decorations.

No logos larger than an inch.

No camouflage clothing or backpacks.

No leggings under shorts.

No mohawks or fauhawks.

No Jewelry larger than an inch.

Shoes: No heels or wedges.


*The administration will have the final decision if something worn is in question. Special occasions will allow flexibility and approval by administration


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