Listed below are links to each of our staff members’ email.  Please feel free to contact us!


Principal, Ms. Dawna Guiel
Assistant Principal, Mrs. Kimberly Cain


Mrs. Lambert

Miss Brennan
Mrs. Carling
Mrs. Castro
Mrs. Lucey

First Grade 

Ms. Salerno

Ms. Dulemba
Ms. Milewski

Miss Herczeg

Mr. Renschler

Second Grade

Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Paradoa

Miss Vorsteg
Ms. Stern

Ms. Berg

Third Grade

Mrs. Rosenberg

Mrs. Franklin
Mrs. Gray
Ms. McMillon
Mrs. Tison

Mrs. Manville

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Durrett

Miss Coates

Mrs. Gedke

Mr. Keany

Ms. Schidecker

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Tipley

Ms. Harless

Ms. Orbeta

Ms. Frisby

Ms. Bogle

Resource Teachers 

Ms. Kraus, Music
Mrs. Currie, Art
Mr. Schwimer, Physical Education
Ms. DiMeglio, Technology
Mrs. Martinez-Wills, Media

Mrs. Boyd, Media Clerk

Office Staff

Mrs. Rotella, Executive Secretary
Mrs. Capas, Data Specialist
Mrs. Neil, Office Clerk
Mrs. Gross, Testing Clerk

Other Personnel:  

Mrs. Janicki, Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Dohrmann, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Pease, Math Coach


Dr. McNeal

Mrs. Guettler, IND Teacher

Mrs. Coppola, VE Teacher

Ms. Dunn, VE Teacher

Mrs. Randall, Cafeteria Manager
Mr. Handy, Plant Manager

Mrs. White, School Nurse


Support Personnel

Mrs. Scholtec

Ms. Gauthier
Ms. Koen  and Mrs. O’Malley- ESE Paras
Mr. Abbuhl , Mrs. Negron, Mrs. Franco-Site Maintenance Workers

PTO Officers

President- Aimee Boyd

Vice President- Jennifer Trocan/Misty Pandolfo

Secretary- Amy Janicki

Treasurer- Carrie Iwanko

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