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JROTC and Leadership Training – Army Leadership Education and Training

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop knowledge of the history, customs, traditions, and purpose of the Army JROTC.  The course includes development of leadership skills including leadership principles, values, and attributes. Students should master appreciation for diversity.  Active learning strategies are integrated throughout the course with an emphasis on writing skills and oral communication techniques.  Financial planning, physical fitness, diet, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, awareness of substance abuse and prevention, and basic first aid measures are included.  An overview of the globe and geography and basic map reading skills are incorporated. A study of the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, responsibilities of United States citizens, and the federal justice system is
also provided.

JROTC and Leadership Training Army

JROTC recommended course progression:

1. 1801300 Leadership Education and Training I    9-12 1.00 EL

2. 1801310 Leadership Education and Training II   9-12 1.00 EL

3. 1801320 Leadership Education and Training III 10-12 1.00 EL

4. 1801330 Leadership Education and Training IV 11-12 1.00 EL

The Fort Pierce Central High School JROTC Program supports 3 Varsity Athletic Teams and 2 Student Support Clubs. Each is open to every JROTC student as long as they maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and a good overall standing in the JROTC Program.


Drill Team

The Fort Pierce Central High School JROTC Drill Team is one of the most sucessful teams in the Cobra Battalion. The members of this team learn discipline along with regulation drill and the great art of rifle exhibition. The Drill Team demands dedication and determination in order to be successful. We have been extremely sucessful, and have won many district titles. Also, we have competed in state, regional and national levels of competition. We expect many great years to come, and new people are always welcome to join. Drill Team’s competition season begins in the 2nd Semester, and typically practices Monday through Thursday from 1400 to 1600.


Color Guard

Color Guard is a team not to be missed.  The Color Guard presents the United States flag at many ceremonies and makes  Fort Pierce Central High School look brilliant.  All of their hard work pays off at competitions.  These cadets have won many awards and trophies that can be admired in Rooms 4-112 and 3-123.  They’re a proud team that students would love to join.  Anybody wanting to be a part of this winning team should inform their Company Chain of Command or Command Sergeant Major Andrevil.



The Raider team stresses physical ability and mental capabilities as well as teamwork and cooperation.  All of the training pays off at the Raider’s competition, when these cadets get to show off their skills and compete for glory. This team teaches teamwork, cooperation, and serious discipline. The Raider Team’s competition season takes place during the 1st Semester and typically practices Monday through Thursday from 1400 to 1600.


Booster Club

The Cobra Battalion has to cover numerous expenses throughout the year, some of which can be transferred to cadets. The Booster Club is where Cobra Battalion parents can get involved and help offset these costs. They raise money for cadets that don’t neccessarily have enough money to do things with the rest of the cadets, such as going on field trips. They also cook for some of the major home events such as drill meets, and act as chaperones to all off-campus events. Meetings vary in time, but visit the Contact Us page, and we will be glad to inform you of the next meeting.



Need help in school? The Cobra Battalion has a group of smart cadets willing to tutor in most subjects, even Honors and AP courses. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, our cadets will be more than willing to help you! Each of our tutors have at least a 3.5 GPA and are selected by staff and the instructor group. We will be more than happy to help and accommodate any needs you may have! We also tutor students at Dan McCarty Middle School, as part of our Adopt a School program.