Clubs make up a vital component of a high school student’s career.  Our clubs range across a variety of interests and attract students of all abilities.  Students are encouraged to participate. Our current clubs are:

Anime ClubMrs. Sullivan1-138
BandMr. Boswell3-146
Bass Fishing ClubCol. Nevarez4-209
ChorusMs. Arnold3-147
Computer ClubMrs. Roberts4-218
Cosmetology ClubMs. Blackmon-Tanner2-103
DanceMs. Gauthier
Drama ClubMs. Stewart3-148
Drill 1SG Randall3-123
Employment InstituteMs. Costa & Mr. Nelson1-141/IRSC
Gaming ClubMr. Stover 1-206
First GenerationMs. Sommers1-106
French ClubMrs. Elie1-220
Freshman ClassMcArthur2-205
Honor GuardCol Nevares4-209
HOSAMrs. Jackson1-228
International Thespian SocietyMs. Stewart3-148
JROTCCol Nevarez4-209
Junior ClassMr. Cameron 4-107
Math OlympicsMr. Freeland1-157
Step TeamMs K.A Scott1-229
National Honors SocietyMrs. McCall1-127
Psychology ClubMrs. Homan & Ms. Terrell4-202/1-135
RaidersCol Nevarez4-209
Senior ClassMr. Schwerer/K. Johnson4-207/1-215H
SGA1st SGT Randall3-123
Skills USAMrs. Sneeze2-112
Sophomore ClassMs. Gray1-151
SIDMrs. Glenton4-111
Spanish ClubMrs. Coffer1-223
YearbookMrs. Blackmon-Gordon/ Mr. Stover2-103/Media Center

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