Welcome Students


As you approach Fort Pierce Central High School, “Pride Makes a Difference” flashes across the marquee in majestic purple.  This all-encompassing motto permeates the entire learning environment.  Upon entering the administrative wing, staff and student volunteers welcome you to Cobra Country.  You immediately recognize that you are in a safe and caring environment in which academic growth and achievement prevail.

Moving through the campus, you see display cases decorated by students containing published essays, art projects, and a variety of student awards and recognitions.  The hallways are clear as all students are anxious to be in class actively engaged in collaborative learning groups, presentations, and various other challenging activities.  Peering into classrooms, you see students working in teams as they analyze literature, conduct experiments with prototypes, and debate key concepts.  Amidst these engaging activities, you see teachers circulating throughout encouraging and challenging students’ creativity as students transition between learning spaces.

Continuing throughout the campus, you witness a collegial atmosphere among teachers as they collaborate to design challenging and satisfying work.  Moving along, you hear students conversing with their peers and teachers; discussions revolve around the planning and designing of future interdisciplinary units.  Such discourse continues in the guidance learning center as students and staff engage in peer mediation sessions, job fair opportunities, and speakers’ bureau engagements.  Students and staff are energized, and the atmosphere is alive with limitless possibilities.

As you walk through the courtyard in the center of the school, you hear students and teachers enthusiastically plan the design for the mural which will be painted along the side of the administrative building.

Leaving Fort Pierce Central High School, you are confident that Every Child Every Day is not only the Saint Lucie way, but it is the COBRA WAY.


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