Brienne Slocum – Chairperson of the Language Arts Department
Ms. Slocum, chairperson, is the head of the Language Arts Department at LPA. It is her responsibility to ensure all aspects of this program run smoothly, from lesson plans to testing.

Department Personnel

Tara Jensen, 12th Grade ELA and IB English IV –

Dr. Karen Lynn, 11th & 12tth Grades ELA –

Melissa Cassella, 10th Grade ELA,  –

Timothy Leonard, 10th Grade ELA, Creative Writing –

Brienne Slocum, 9th Grade ELA and PreIB I and Department Chair –

Brandy Montgomery, 9th Grade English I –

Christella Burnette, 8th Grade Language Arts –

Shannon Fleet, 8th Grade Language Arts –

Dr. Shanon Rennaker, 7th Grade Language Arts –

Ryan Weed, 7th Grade Language Arts –

Ashley King, 6th Grade Language Arts, Yearbook   –

Lorayne Medina, 6th Grade Language Arts