Fish Farm!

fishfarm fishfarm2Mrs. Wayne’s sixth grade Advanced Science class invited one of Ms. Clasby’s Reading classes to work with them taking care of the fish farm. In just one short class period, we learned so many new things and we were incredibly engaged while doing so!

Ms. Clasby’s class is reading Holes!

photo 4Ms. Clasby’s Reading Class is showing off the group projects they have been working on. We are almost finished reading the novel Holes by Louis Sacher and are excited to see if our predictions of the end are correct!

Who says reading can’t be fun?!

Dress Code Debate


Ms. Clasby’s seventh period reading class put on quite the performance!  The project began by reading an article about the pros and cons of dress code in public schools. This topic stirred the students interests and led us to conduct an in-depth research project.  The class was split into four teams to debate the issue of school dress code. On the day of the class debate, each group uniquely put together performances with scripts and characters such as  judges, lawyers, news anchors, witnesses, victims, and much more. They even brought props and used accents to enhance the debate. This was common core at its best!