8th Grade Vet Prep students with Save the Chimps staff at IRL Science Festival

amedstcstaffirlsf2016Anne Marie McDearmont and Exene Dreyer, both 8th grade Vet Prep students at Manatee Academy, pose with Save the Chimps staff at their booth at this past weekend’s Indian River Lagoon Science Festival. Vet Prep students launched a school-wide supply drive from 10/24/16-11/4/16 for Save the Chimps, collecting 4 much needed items for the rescued chimpanzees; nuts in the shell, new or gently used blankets, dried fruits and stuffed toys (without beans or beads). Vet prep is offering a banana split ice cream sundae party to the top three classes with the most donated items. Great job students!


Manatee Students Submit Art Banner to Wyland “Water is Life” Art Contest

IMG_2636Manatee Academy art students designed and painted a beautiful banner showing the importance of water in our world. The students were guided by Mr. Montoya, the Art Teacher. The Wyland Foundation sponsors the annual “Water is Life” Art Contest, selecting a winning school banner and a student art submission from each grade level nationally.

Wyland donated the banner and acrylic paints to Manatee to help with supplies. Art pieces are submitted through digital upload to the Wyland Contest Website by Mrs. Friend. Many students contributed art pieces and we look forward to seeing their work displayed for all to see. When schools reinforce the importance of art and creativity to students, we are all winners!

Morningside Animal Hospital adopts Vet Prep through the Ed Foundation!

Dr. Kari Kelly, from Morningside Animal Hospital on Port St. Lucie Blvd., visits the Vet Lab to demonstrate how to give a dog a routine examination. 8th grade pre-vet students assisted with handling, heart rate and respiration monitoring, checking Dylan the dog’s teeth and gums, checking lymph nodes and inner ear health. We are very grateful to Morningside Animal Hospital for their support of our studentsIMG_1422 IMG_1380 IMG_1387IMG_1413!

8th Grade Vet Prep ‘Save the Chimps’ field trip!

A small group of Vet Prep students were invited to visit the largest chimpanzee rescue facility in the world, right here in St. Lucie County.

Students were treated to a private tour, healthcare presentation by Dr. Joyce BezDylan 2studentstourner, the on-site Veterinarian, and a special close up visit with the chimps on Dylan’s Island during feeding time!

Students gained insight into these amazing animals and how complex they really are.

8th Grade Vet Prep News

8th Grade Vet Prep students studied Poultry Science and embryology through incubation of chicken eggs, and are preparing to introduce a small group of new ducklings to the solitary chick that hatched. Since birds have a critical imprinting period (a period of time after hatching in which they associate themselves with whatever organism they are  nearest) will the chick continue to feel closest to humans? Or will the chick begin to act like a duckling? This is just one of the questions we try to investigate in Pre-Vet class. Continuous studies in body systems will bring us to the nervous system shortly, and we have many fascinating activities we are looking forward to.

7th Grade Vet Prep News

7th Grade Vet Prep students have been very busy investigating the question “What Food Does a Mouse Prefer: Salty, Sweet, Sour or Bitter?” Designing their own Research Plans has been their focus. Twenty-eight laboratory mice have been our test subjects, and trials have been running daily for 2 weeks!  Each day we  measure the mass of a portion of peanut butter, sugarcane, lime and radish. Students are measuring the percent change in foods each day, and used MS Excel to enter data, calculating the average percent change for each food type, per mouse. Amazingly, we observed that while the mice gobbled up all the peanut butter during the first week, they have started to show a preference for other foods as our trials continue. Replication of multiple trials really pays off!