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If you pre-order your yearbook by March 31st, you will get a $50 gift card to use towards personalized photo products from!  For more information-Click here to see the flyer!

Yearbook pre-orders will be online only this year. The school will have a limited number of hardcover books to purchase on a first come, first served basis by CASH ONLY once they arrive (around the 2nd week in May).

The final deadline to order online is April 25th.

There are many benefits to ordering online including the ability to personalize your yearbook with up to 4 pages for free!


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Better Speech and Hearing Month

May is “Better Speech and Hearing Month,” and the speech-language pathologists at Manatee have been working all year to help students improve their communication skills.

One activity that develops language is reading aloud to others. Younger brothers and sisters especially enjoy it when big sisters and brothers take time to read books to them. Most children’s books are written with sentence structures and vocabulary that are not always used in general conversation, so it is great practice to read aloud. Parents may read out loud, too!

For speech, it is often helpful for a student to look in a mirror while practicing sounds. Students may try practicing their speech sounds for a few minutes after brushing their teeth, while looking in the mirror.

Another good skill to practice is rhyming words, since it helps develop listening as well as early reading skills. Try making up silly rhymes, and imagine what the word might be. For example, “A vack is on my back. What could a vack be?” Perhaps students could describe and draw the “vack.”

Many students at Manatee have practiced speech sounds, made up rhyming words, and read books out loud to the members of their group. We speech-language pathologists celebrate communication every day, but especially in May.

Pre-Order your yearbook now!

Greetings families!

The yearbook staff has opened the Manatee Academy yearbook store! You are now able to pre-order 2014-2015’s yearbook. Go to to order now!  The deadline for online orders is April 26, 2015.

Hard cover-$40

Soft cover-$30


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