Parent Information

Grades K-5 Manatee Academy emphasizes a core curriculum of Reading, Math, Language Arts, and Science, while integrating Social Studies and Health.

Grades 6 – 8 receive instruction in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. The Curriculum is aligned with the Sunshine State Standards and St. Lucie County Scope and Sequence. Quarterly assessments are used to identify individual needs and help teachers to provide the education necessary to be successful on the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) and meet SLC’s promotion criteria. Music, PE and Technology are included.

Parent Portal

Grades and school/class announcements can be viewed at any time through the St. Lucie County School Board Website. Parents can register using their child’s student number. To activate the account, the parent/guardian must come to the school.

Parent Involvement Plan

PIP 2015

Parent-School Compact

Compact for Parents

Grading Scale

Grades 3 – 8
A 90 -100 Outstanding
B 80 – 89 Above Average
C 70 – 79 Average
D 60 – 69 Below Average
F 0 – 59 Failing
I Incomplete

Grades Kindergarten – 2
4 Above Standard
3 At Standard
2 Approaching Standard
1 Below Standard

Honor Roll Ceremonies each Quarter for Grades 3-8
Principal’s Honor Roll = Straight A’s (4.0 average) in all areas including conduct, effort, PE and Music
A/B Honor Roll = A’s or B’s in all areas


Parent Conferences should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Planning and teaching time can not be interrupted for unscheduled meetings.

Be a STAR at Manatee Academy
S tay on Task
T ake Responsibility
A ct Safely
R espect Others

Character Counts

Specific values are emphasized monthly
September – Friendship
October – Manners
November – Trustworthiness
December – Respect
January – Responsibility
February – Fairness
March – Caring
April – Citizenship
May – Perseverance

Code of Conduct

The School Board issues the Student Code of Conduct to each family for thorough review and understanding of the guidelines effecting student behavior in school. This document is to be read with your child. The back page should be signed and returned to your child’s teacher.

Zero Tolerance

When it comes to students who are making poor choices concerning alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and/or weapons, Manatee
Academy has a Zero Tolerance Policy. None of the above items are ever allowed on campus for any reason, by any person, including adults. Manatee Academy, as all other Public Schools, is a Drug Free Zone and carries all legal protection of that designation.

Unauthorized Items

Do not bring any toys and/or electronic devices including but not limited to:
Radio/CD, DVD Players/Walkman, CDs/DVDs/Cassettes, IPOD’s/MP3 Players, Gameboys

Heelies, Collectible Cards, Nonessential Money, Beepers, Laser Pointers are not permitted.

These items are disruptive to the classroom and will be confiscated by the Administration. Any items confiscated will only be released to a parent/guardian. Manatee Academy is not responsible for any unauthorized items which are lost or stolen. Neither the Administration nor our SRO will conduct a search or an investigation if this occurs. This includes incidents on the bus.

Cell Phones

If a student brings a cell phone to school it must be turned off and kept in his/her bookbag during the school day.
Any cell phone that is not turned off or is visible will be confiscated by the Administration and only released to a parent/guardian. Manatee Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones and will not investigate if this occurs.

Positive Behavior Intervention & Support

Manatee Academy uses the Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) School-Wide discipline model. This is a collaborative approach to developing effective interventions for problem behavior. The model emphasizes the use of proactive, educative and reinforcement-based strategies to achieve meaningful and durable behavior. Students are able to earn
“Manatee Money” by following our School-Wide Expectations, being in dress code and complying with area specific rules.
“Manatee Money” can be used to purchase entrance to activities and/or items. In addition, each month every teacher chooses a “Superstar” to be recognized in a special ceremony. This choice is based on behavior and work habits. Students that are not able to follow school/classroom rules will have appropriate consequences. Parents will be notified of infractions and the results. PBIS is also used with students using District transportation.