• Breakfast – Begins at 8:00; cost is: $1.00/$.30 for reduced/free for qualified students. Students wanting breakfast should report directly to the cafeteria.
  • Lunch – Students eat with their class; cost is $2.25 K-5th Grade, $2.50 6th – 8th Grade. /$.40 for reduced/free for qualified students. Milk may be purchased for $.50
  • Free/Reduced Meals – Students must qualify each year for participation in the program. Application forms are available online at  to all students. Students previously approved can automatically continue for the first 10 days of school until new application is processed.
  • Charges – Students forgetting their money or lunch may charge for one day. The student will receive a note on the amount owed.
  • Lunch boxes/bags are permitted. NO glass products are allowed. No gum, candy, or soda.
  • Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child after signing in at the office. Other children and/or friends are not allowed to eat outside unless there is written notification from that child’s parent.
  • Birthdays are celebrated during lunch. Cookies or cupcakes can be sent for the entire class. Please notify the teacher and be aware of any food allergies in the class.

Manatee Academy Cafeteria Rules

Stay on Task
· Stay seated at your table – Raise hand for assistance
· Eat your own food
Take Responsibility
· Clean your own area – No food leaves the cafeteria
· Listen for instructions
Act Safely
· Walk in a line
· Hands, feet, utensils, food, trays and other items to yourself
Respect Others
· Say “Please, Thank you and Excuse me”
· Use inside voices