Fourth Grade “Rocks” the FSA

Posted on May 9, 2017

At Mariposa Elementary, several people donated rocks to encourage and inspire Ms. Erica Morales’ students to do well on their Math FSA. She hid the rocks around her classroom the day of the Math FSA. The students were surprised and went on a rock hunt. They had a blast!  The rocks were meant to inspire the students to do their best.  Founder, Melissa McInturff of PSL Rocks donated rocks, paint, brushes, and supplies for Ms. Erica Morales and Ms. Roxana Cirjaru’s Fourth grade classes to decorate their own rocks after testing to decompress. Anthony Gamboa Godinez , Cesar Garcia, and  Gabriella Darocha are busy painting and decorating their rocks. People are continuing to donate decorated, encouraging rocks so that Ms. Morales’ students can go on a rock hunt for their Reading FSA. The new rocks will be hidden around the school.

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Butterfly Release At Mariposa

Posted on Apr 24, 2017

5th Grade students at Mariposa Elementary observed the life cycle of a butterfly during their Science unit on living organisms.  They learned about plant and animal adaptations, including complete and incomplete metamorphosis.  The students finished off this unit by releasing the butterflies into their natural environment. Fifth Grade teacher, Mrs. Zoie Griffiths is releasing a butterfly as Travis Nimal looks on.


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Mariposa VPK Orbits

Posted on Apr 7, 2017

After discussing mysterious movers all week, and learning wind, water, and planets are mysterious movers; the students in our Mrs. Claudia Bonilla’s VPK classroom learned about the solar system and how the planets are constantly moving. They learned the correct term to describe that movement, orbit. They then discussed what planets were closer to the sun, and they all held a planet, moon, or star and began to orbit. The use of technology, images, and songs were implemented as well. Students pictured: Brayden Myers, Arianna Jesse, Madilynn Bonocchi, and Shantel Perch.


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In-School Field Trip for First Graders

Posted on Mar 27, 2017

Mariposa First Graders had an awesome ” in school field trip!” They learned about the rainforest  and the many plants and animals that live there. The students even learned about all the foods and products they use at home that originate in the rainforest. If you’d ask our students their favorite part, their answers would vary.  Some would say they loved using the animal puppets, others enjoyed hearing the story of The Great Kapok Tree, while adding their animal to the Velcro rainforest, but most students would say they loved touching the real rainforest snake.  Damarion Gibbs and Allison Carpina are enjoying their animal puppets. Thanks to Tracy Boothby from Hobe Sound Nature Center for a wonderful hour of learning!


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Mariposa Elementary’s Award Winning Odyssey of the Mind Team

Posted on Mar 10, 2017

  A team of 7 creative minds from Mariposa Elementary came together to save creativity through problem solving. Mariposa’s Odyssey of the Mind team went to a regional competition in Riviera Beach, where they won 2nd place! The team members that participated were 5th graders Janellie Alvarez, Sydnee Rubenstein, James Philips, and Samantha Gardner; 4th graders Justin Horton and Mason Mumford; 3rd grader Taylor Wildes. This is the 2nd year in a row that the Mariposa team was able to earn a medal at the regional competition. Their coach, Mrs. Scipioni is extremely proud of them. She is sad that her 5th graders will not be returning for another year on her team. However she is excited about forming a new team for next years’ problem!


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Florida’s 2016-2017 ESE Parent Survey

Posted on Mar 1, 2017

Florida’s 2016-17 ESE Parent Survey

Make Your Voice Heard!

All Parents of Students with an IEP (PK-22)

February 1st thru May 31st , 2017

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