***NORTHPORT K-8 Dress Code 2016 – 2017***


Our focus at Northport K-8 is on student achievement and academic success. Please help us keep our students in their classrooms by sending them in the appropriate clothing described below.


* Solid, collared shirts with sleeves; shirts tucked in at the waist

* Northport K-8 School T-shirts/Spirit Shirts may be worn during the week

* No T-shirts over collared shirts

Pants, Shorts, Jeans, and Capris 

* Solid colors (No white or neon colors)

* Must be worn at the waistline

Skirts, Skorts, Shorts, Jumpers, and Dresses 

* Solid colors (No white or neon colors)

* Must be worn at the waistline

* Hemline must extend beyond the fingertips

* Dresses must have sleeves; jumpers must be worn with shirt or blouse with sleeves underneath

* Leggings may be worn under skirts and dresses and must be a solid color


* Belts must be worn at all times if there are belt loops (except VPK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade)

* Belt buckles may not be larger than 2”

Jackets, Sweaters, Sweatshirts 

* Should be worn properly and not oversized

* Hoods may not be worn on campus


* Must be closed toe with back straps

* All straps and laces must be properly fastened at all times


* Jewelry must be small and discreet and not create a safety hazard or distraction

* Earrings should be no longer than 2” below the ear

* Plain or charm style necklaces


* Hair should be neatly done in natural colors

The following items are not permitted on campus: 

* Combs, curlers, or other hair grooming items in hair

* Bandanas, sweatbands, or hats

* Spiked jewelry or heavy/dog chains (including on clothing)

* Items made of spandex, excessively tight, see-through, or fishnet material

* Sweatpants, pajamas, leggings (unless under skirts or dresses extending beyond the fingertips), yoga pants, athletic apparel, or house slippers

* Clothes that have holes, rips, or tears that permit the skin to show

* Clothing or accessories that promote drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or violence

Administration reserves the right to determine whether a student’s dress is disruptive, unsafe or improper.