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Avoid the Summer Slide!

Children lose a  lot of skills through the summer months, simply by not being in school each day. This is referred to as the "summer slide". Help your child keep those academic skills! Read together, talk with them, go places with them. Get a library card, go to the beach, a zoo, a park... Live [...]

Wilderness Club

Wilderness Club is a hit! The students enjoyed exploring the natural areas surrounding our school every Tuesday morning. Sadly, next Tuesday, May 10, will be the last meeting for the year! Look for information regarding Wilderness Club next school year.

The Lion King Kids

Tickets are on sale now for The Lion King Kids. $10 for adults, $7 for students (under 18), children 3 and under free. Performances will be at Savannah Club April 28 (adults only, please) and April 29. We just Can't Wait!

Wilderness Club

Junior Explorers with the Wilderness Club find spider webs around our campus.   The Wilderness Club is comprised of about 75 junior explorers from grades K to 5 and 4 teachers (Mrs. Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Slappey, and Mrs. Egan).  Weekly on Tuesday mornings we learn about nature and wildlife.  We have adventured into the [...]

Otter wins ribbon at St Lucie County Fair

Siddalee King took  fifth place for her steer in her weight class. Siddalee has had this steer since april 15, 2015. She had to halter break him, gain his trust, teach him to lead and setup his feet. She also had to make a daily weight gain of 1.7 to even be able to show [...]

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