Our Faculty

Below you will find all faculty emails.  Just copy and paste the email address into your email’s address bar.

If your child’s teacher has a website or blog, you will find that link next to their email address.


Please feel free to contact us!

5600 NE St James Dr

Port St. Lucie FL, 34983


(fax) 772-785-5625



Principal, Mrs. Walukiewicz    Kerri.walukiewicz@stlucieschools.org

Assistant Principal, Mrs. Ingersoll   Jennifer.ingersoll@stlucieschools.org




Ms. Alexander     nalini.alexander@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. Bradley   Lisa.Bradley@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Fischer        samantha.fischer@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. Frebertshauser     Beverly.Frebertshauser@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Holbert     Ruth.Holbert@stlucieschools.org


First Grade

Mrs.Carr          sheridan.carr@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. Doole     Gail.Doole@stlucieschools.org 

Mrs. Hodgson     jennifer.hodgson@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Quinones

Mrs. Zaragoza     alexis.zaragoza@stlucieschools.org




Second Grade

 Mrs. Brown     Terri.Brown@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. Kaste    jennifer.kaste@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Keating  

Mrs. Miller   mrsmiller7@gmail.com

Mrs. Votino    Jennifer.Votino@stlucieschools.org  



Third Grade

Mr. Fitzgerald     Michael.Fitzgerald@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Hyde     bridgette.hyde@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Jaramillo

Mrs. Montoya     patricia.montoya@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Turner


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Foley     Sandra.Foley@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Harris

Mrs. Owens     Pamela.Owens@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Power

Mrs. Ramsey     Nancy.Ramsey@stlucieschools.org

Mr. Slappey     artis.slappey@stlucieschools.org


Fifth Grade

Ms. Easom     Ashley.Easom@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. Forman     Valerie.Forman@stlucieschools.org   Forman’s Fabulous Fifth

Mrs. Garcia    zulay.garcia@stlucieschools.org  

Ms. Thornton

Mr. Redding     Eric.Redding@stlucieschools.org    Mr. Redding’s

Mrs. Schwettman     Elizabeth.Schwettmann@stlucieschools.org



Ms. Dowd (P.E.)

Mrs. Gardner (Media)      tonya.gardner@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. Price (Science)     Paula.Price@stlucieschools.org

Mr. Ray (P.E.)     Terrell.Ray@stlucieschools.org

TBA (music)


Exceptional Student Education

Mrs. Longar      terri.longar@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Brainin

Mrs. Lane     jessica.lane@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. McCluskey     Michele.Mccluskey@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. Milan-Kelley   Patricia.Milan-Kelley@stlucieschools.org

Mrs. Moler     Jennifer.Moler@stlucieschools.org

Ms. Young



Guidance and RtI

Mrs. Girling     deborah.girling@stlucieschools.org


Literacy Coach

Mrs. Egan     sarah.egan@stlucieschools.org



Mrs. Gomez     elizabeth.gomez@stlucieschools.org



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