You Otter Know…

There are so many exciting things happening here at Rivers Edge! Read below to learn more about some happenings in your child’s grade!

Happy Summer! Posted below are supply lists for our incoming Otters!



Kindergarten Supply List 2016-2017


In Kindergarten, students are learning about fur and feathers. They are learning some animals will make a good pet. As well as pets need special care. Animals from all over the world can live in zoos. Mammals have backbones and hair, and they breathe air. Birds and mammals have different characteristics. There is a habitat for each species. The students will classify animals that live in different habitats (farm, zoo, wild, etc.).

In Kindergarten, students will learn about the life cycle of a chicken. Students will observe the eggs in the incubator and monitor their growth through observation. The students will predict and infer how the chickens are growing. The activity will foster curiosity and the students will hopefully see the chickens hatch.

The students will recite the “Best Pet Yet”

Some animals have fluffy feathers.

Some animals have fur or hair.

Some animals breathe under water.

Some animals breathe in the air.

Some animals soar in the sky.

Some animals swim and dive.

Some animals crack out of egg.

Some animals are born alive.

So many kinds of animals!

I wonder which I would get:

A mammal, a bird, or a reptile.

Which is the best pet yet?

Our Kindergartners are learning about counting and carnality. The students are building their understanding of numbers. The students are practicing and counting 1 to 100.

The students are learning to read by sounding out the letters and using the strategies to practice. The students will bring home their Read and Response books and read with their family.


Please click below for some helpful hints for incoming Kinders. Mastering the skills can help your child have an amazing first year!

On My Way To K!

The Kindergarten of Today

Kindergarten Information

Letter and Sound Practice Sheet

Shapes to know

First Grade

First Grade Supply List 2016-2017

Rivers Edge First Graders have had an exciting few months! We put on a perfect performance for Black History Month at our PTO show! We hope all our First Grade families enjoyed the songs and interesting facts about the brave men and women of the Civil Rights movement. This is definitely a generation of love and acceptance!

After our Science unit on the Sun and Moon, we enjoyed an AMAZING field trip to the planetarium at IRSC. Students had an opportunity to sit back and  explore the planetarium’s night sky. We saw constellations, shooting stars, planets, and the moon. We were so proud of our First Grade friends for the intelligent, well thought out questions and answers they gave our guide, Mr. Bell.

Our math and reading have been out of this world as well! Our students have been learning to tell time and count money! We are impressed every day at how quickly new concepts are grasped and mastered. Our reading is becoming so smooth and fluent.
We were so impressed to see how many students participated in the Spring Break Reading Challenge! We hope you had fun!

Keep reading every night and ask thought provoking questions. After they read to you, why not let your child ask YOU some questions too!

Spring has sprung and we are excited about sprouting seeds in our classrooms and growing plants to take home. Ask your child to tell you all about the journey from seed to plant!

We are learning so much! It has been 3 wonderful marking periods. As we look ahead to our school year wrapping up, we are continuing to strengthen our foundational skills and get ready for Second Grade!


Second Grade

Second Grade Supply List 2016-2017 

After a very wet but adventurous field trip to Jaycee Park, 2nd graders were more than happy to retell their experiences of seining and describe the jellyfish and hermit crabs we caught. They were also squealing with happiness at the rain, not letting anything dampen their spirits.  One student was quoted saying, “This is the BEST DAY EVER, my mom never lets me play in the rain!”  As we enter quarter 4 we are pumped about the human body and what makes us so unique.  Students will begin our math unit on money next week, so parents find as many opportunities as you can to let your child count and make change when you’re out and about.  This would be the perfect time to start an allowance or savings with your child so they understand the importance and value of money!  

Third Grade

Third Grade Supply List 2016-2017


3rd grade will be take the computer-based Math Florida Assessment the week of April 24th. Please make sure to review the FSA Portal at regarding important information about the test sessions and to review the practice test and answer keys. Make sure to encourage your 3rd grader to do their best and show all their work. The 3rd grader teachers are confident they will do amazing!


Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Supply List 2016-2017

4th graders are confidently reviewing the standards that have been taught so far this year.   As test time approaches, they’re getting eager to show off reading and math skills.  In Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Gomez’ content literacy classes, the students are learning to integrate information from science, history, and reading.  Mrs. Henley and  Mrs. Foley have been reviewing Greek mythology, identifying the theme  of literature stories,  as well as using context clues to understand the meanings of unfamiliar words.  Math classes with Mrs. Ramsey and Mr. Slappey are  doing problem solving with measurement.   If a problem involves hours/minutes, pints/quarts, area/perimeter, or any other types of measurement, you can be sure the 4th graders are brushing up on these skills.


Fifth Grade

Science Fair Project Information

Fifth Grade Supply List 2016-2017

ifth Grade is ascending in April! Our mathematicians are working on Customary and Metric conversions with real-world problems.. In Reading, the students are working to identify the main idea with supporting details. In Science, our scientists are working on body systems. In Social Studies, we are studying Early Colonial America!

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