You Otter Know…

There are so many exciting things happening here at Rivers Edge! Read below to learn more about some happenings in your child’s grade!

Happy Summer! Posted below are supply lists for our incoming Otters!



Kindergarten Supply List 2017-2018(2)

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Kindergarten will be hosting a workshop for all Kindergarten parents on August 1st at 6 p.m. in the Media Center!

Please click below for some helpful hints for incoming Kinders. Mastering the skills can help your child have an amazing first year!

On My Way To K!

The Kindergarten of Today

Kindergarten Information

Letter and Sound Practice Sheet

Shapes to know

First Grade

1st Grade Supply List 2017-2018(2)

Second Grade

2nd Grade Supply List 2017-2018(2)

Third Grade

3rd Grade Supply List 2017-2018(2)

Fourth Grade

4th Grade Supply List 2017-2018(2) 

Fifth Grade

Science Fair Project Information

5th Grade School Supply List 17-18

As the year concludes, you look back at the totality of your educational experiences throughout elementary. You made friends and you created memories. You had many firsts, and now many lasts. There were times of struggle, yet you managed to find strength. Intelligence was built by pushing through that healthy struggle, whether through many mistakes or flawless feats. As you continue your journey through middle school and beyond, always remember that incredible feeling of accomplishment that comes when you push through the healthy struggle. You all want to graduate high school prepared for college and career readiness, but arriving at that point takes effort every day leading up to that point. Continue putting in the effort, even when things might seem impossible, and you will be the creator of your endless possibilities.

5th Grade Teachers


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