Science Night

Gaines Academy wanted to show our students that science can be really cool through a series of experiments using liquid nitrogen, manganese oxide, soap, and simple household supplies. We covered chemical changes, physical changes, density, center of gravity, and changes of state in matter.

Spirit Week Fun

March 6th through March 10th is Spirit Week at Gaines Academy. Monday is Matching day. Tuesday is Too Nerdy day. Wednesday is Wacky day. Thursday is Throwback (decade) day. Friday is Funky Sock day. Students and staff are having lots of fun participating in this event.


8th Graders Visit IRSC

Several of our 8th graders were invited to see some of the innovative programs offered at Indian River State College.
At the Digital Media Center, they learned how 3-D figures are composed.
At the Robotics Lab, they were able to work with robots that were programmed to perform certain tasks.

Alliance Victory

Princess Lenaiah Wood would like to thank the Rebellion Leaders on ending the evil reign of Kylo Davino & the First Order and securing peace in Gaines Galaxy once again. We had about 130 students and their families stand with the Alliance! A special THANK YOU to Master Yoda Bonsenor, Jedi Sides, Jedi Emerson, and…

Come to the Winter Games

Attend SGA’s Fourth Annual Winter Games on Thursday, February 23rd from 5:30-7:00. Bring your family. The first 100 students will receive a goodie bag full of supplies. Play games to win prizes and cheer your Jedi teachers on to win a Pod Party.

Manatee Center

SGA Kindergarten students took a field trip to the Manatee Center in Fort Pierce. They learned about manatees as well as other creatures like snakes, sea stars, sea urchins and hermit crabs. They especially enjoyed the touch tank and the outdoor scavenger hunt.

Superior Rating

Please congratulate Leslie Salvador, Frecirelys Perez, Shanityana Crowder and Cassandra Bravo on their Superior performances at Solo and Ensemble on Friday! This was the first time in school history that SGA has participated in a Florida Bandmasters’ Association sanctioned event. We look forward to having more students represent us next year as well as participate…