class picture day

Class & Spring Pictures

Lifetouch School Picture studio will be on campus February 23rd.

Class Pictures will be taken for Pre-K through 5th grade and ESE classes.  Those order envelopes went home with students on February 3rd.
Spring Pictures will be on the same day for any PreK through 8th grade students who have a paid order. These order envelopes will go home with students on February 8th.

Yearbooks on Sale

Yearbooks are on sale now. Orders need to be in by March 18th (before Spring Break). The 2016 yearbook will be in full-color with a hard cover for just $20 each.



History Fair

Congratulations to our History Fair winners! Each of you will be an outstanding Gaines Academy representative at the District Science Expo.

1st Place- Anne Frank Diary- Daniella Sandiford
2nd Place- US Constitution- Eloisa Magana & Maria Ceren
3rd Place- NASA Program- Jose Cristales
4th Place – Amelia Mary Earhart – Adriana Ramirez-Avila, Bailee Falzone & Brenda Zubieta
Website winners: James Plunk & Cadet Marseille





Treasure Hunters Wanted

Calling all Caring Adults…..We need your help requiring only 1 hour of your time
Where? Samuel S. Gaines Academy
2250 S. Jenkins Road
Ft. Pierce, FL, 34947
What? Student Led Conferences and Awards
Volunteers are needed to sit with students as they share their COLT data binders and receive their awards
When? February 10, 2016
 Choose a time or stay the day!
 9:45-10:45 1ST, 3rd 8th grades
 12:45-1:45 VPK, K, 4th
 1:45-2:45 2nd, 5th, 6th grades
 3:00-4:00 7th grade
R.S. V. P. by calling 772-462-8863 or email

100 Days Wiser

Our kindergarten classes celebrated their 100th day of school with 100 different activities…counted to 100, filled in a 100’s chart, searched for 100 Hershey kisses, wrote names as many times as possible for 100 seconds, stayed quiet for 100 seconds, created an emergent reader that counted 100 animals, etc… No wonder our kindergarten teachers look 100 years older. :-)


Lava Lamp Parent Night

On Thursday evening’s parent night, parents attended breakout session conducted by TD Bank to learn about managing their credit. There was also a parent session explaining the 100-Book Challenge program.  Meanwhile, the students add a blast from the past creating their own Lava Lamps. Fun was had by all!

Lava3 Lava2 Lava1


Mentor Appreciation

Gaines Academy held an appreciation breakfast to say thank you to our mentors for all that they do to assist our students.  Collaborative mentoring ideas and upcoming events were discussed. In attendance were: Masac Dorlouis from Indian River State College; Herbert Cunningham, Kevin Singletary and Donald Watson from Resurrection Life Family Worship Center; Donna Gibson from Parent Teen Academy as well as Principal Wilke; Vice Principal Alex Oge and SGA Deans: Gerard Burns and Delisa Pressley. Again, thank you mentors for encouraging our community’s youth.



Literacy Week

Celebrate Literacy Week

Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!  Literacy Changes Our World!
Here are a thirty great tips for promoting literacy at home:
1. Model good reading habits by reading to or alongside your child; parents set the stage for children to become better readers.
2. Encourage your child to read new and challenging books, articles and magazines.
3. Establish a daily reading routine.
4. Encourage reading, writing and discussions among family members.
5. Be positive when talking with your child about their reading ability and skills.
6. The love of reading begins at home. Create a “home library” for your family to access.
7. Limit TV viewing by controlling the amount of time spent watching television.
8. Play word games with your child.
9. Expose children to different kinds of books such as novels, biographies and informational content. Books about our universe or various species are interesting and engaging for young learners.
10. Visit your local public library and help your child get a library card of their very own.
11. Take books in the car to read, rather than watching a DVD.
12. Create a “reading nook” in your home where your child can read.
13. Comment on new words your child hears on the radio or TV.
14. Play rhyming games during a car trip or at home. Children will enjoy learning their own version of rhymes you learned as a child as well as how spelling affects rhyming.
15. Read the back of the cereal box at breakfast.
16. Select a “word of the day” to add to your child’s ever‐growing vocabulary.
17. Write out words with opposite meanings on separate pieces of paper and have your child match the pairs together (i.e. huge‐tiny).
18. Make up a story by having each family member add a sentence to a story starter;expand on the individual character traits, the setting of the story and exciting events/adventures.
19. Set aside additional reading time or add extra bedtime story time as a reward for good behavior.
20. Encourage your child to write a book about their day.
21. Help your child read the labels on different bottles and containers, including the shampoo and conditioner bottles at bath time.
22. Play the “I Spy” game, looking for uppercase and lowercase letters.
23. While playing outside, encourage your child to create their name out of sticks, stones and other materials.
24. Help you child label artwork with his or her name and age.
25. Before a family dinner, encourage your child to create place settings with first and last names.
26. Turn on the subtitles when watching a movie. Even if your children are not reading age yet, they will learn that what the charac ters are saying is associated with the text. As they get older, they will be able to match the words with the text.
27. Bake something – when following a recipe, children are not only practicing their reading skills, they are learning how to follow directions and work toward a goal.
28. Play a find‐the‐street‐sign game while in the car. Encourage your child to find words that start with various letters of the alphabet.
29. Read the description on the movie before starting it – getting a sneak peek into the storyline of the movie, make predictions and asking questions based on the description.
30. Make dessert time reading time. Read to your children while they enjoy their evening snack. Modeling your love for reading is one very important trait you can share with your children.

Lights On Poster Contest

The winners of the 21st Century Lights On Afterschool poster contest are Gaines Academy’s very own, Demetria Moody and La’Mesia Graham. District coordinator, Terrence Platt,  and School coordinator, Tina Eaker, presented the young ladies with Walmart gift cards along with some other gifts on the COLT TV morning show.  Congratulations, ladies!


Project Citizen District Showcase

Gaines is excited to announce that seventh grade students: Lopez Bourjolly, Abriyana Baboram, Witchele Duvernot and Chance Sands received Honorable Mention (4th place)  at the district-wide competition for their Project Citizen entry, Waste Is Not Our Taste. Congratulations to these Successful Scholars!