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 Mission Possible: St. Lucie Elementary is on Our Way to an A!

 Rebuilt in 1996, Saint Lucie Elementary is a District 5 Green 1 zoned school serving over 750 students from the Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade community. Every year, our highly qualified faculty and staff exercise diligence in providing its students with quality education with researched, tested and proven instructional methodologies along with state of the art resources and materials. We also proudly serve the ESE and ESOL student community and utilize the Kids At Hope philosophy of “All children are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!”.  Some of the staff are alumni of the school and therefore have an indepth understanding the school community’s rich history and culture. We are happy to be of service to this Fort Pierce community and look forward to the many bright and successful futures Saint Lucie County Schools will yield to its learning community.

All Staff and Faculty at Saint Lucie Elementary have accepted the High Priority Mission to change children’s lives and make St. Lucie Elementary an A school! We believe in a growth versus fixed mindset of students’ academic potential. A Growth Mindset embedded in proven instructional strategies encourages effort, accepting challenges, taking risks and making mistakes in order to learn, grow and succeed as described below.



Every school day, we are excited to approach every instructional opportunity with this paradigm philosophy and look forward to every member of our school community also embracing our way of thinking and teaching.


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Kids At Hope


Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Michelle Herrington, Principal
Mrs. Kathy Baiche, Assistant Principal
Ms. Angela Patton, Assistant Principal