Media Center News

We have been busy in the media center this year.  We have been reading Sunshine State Author Books as well as books which teach us lessons about spreading kindness, instilling a growth mindset, and how to speak up to stand up against bullying.

We are exceptionally proud of our new initiative, Maker Space, which is a movement where libraries expand the learning hub to inspire, create, and explore using 21 st Century Skills. We have built circuits, tested lights and horns  for cars, and found innovative ways to use Littlebits.  We also incorporated engineering tasks with Lego exploration as well as designed a variety of ramps.  Students used collaboration and inquiry to test the effects of gravity, friction, and changes in energy and motion. Kindergarten even designed and constructed bear traps as a STEM activity to support literacy using the story, We’re Going On a Bear Hunt.

Check out the pictures from some of our media classes where students explored, constructed, and problem solved in a collaborative group.

What is Maker Space?

What is Maker Space? A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. These spaces are also helping to prepare those who need the critical 21st century skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They provide hands on learning, help with critical thinking skills and even boost self-confidence.




We are so proud to share our amazing author visit from David M. Lopez. He has written a series of historical fiction novels from the Maddie’s Magic Marker Series.  Our students are inspired and were so eager to collect their personally autographed signed copies! David even joined our morning show to speak to all of our students! We had an amazing time learning about being an author.



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