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College Visits Scheduled for Centennial

Bethune Cookman University Tuesday, October 24 @ 10:30am
UCF Thursday, October 26th @ 9:00am
IRSC Thursday, October 26th @ 10:00am
Montclair State University Tuesday, November 14th @ 9:00am

MUST SIGN UP in College Binder found at N122

Calculation of GPA

UNWEIGHTED GPA -The GPA calculated for all grades and credit taken at the high school level including all elective classes

CORE GPA – The highest GPA of the required credits for graduation that the computer can determine.

  • For 24 standard diploma option (required credits and 8 electives with highest GPA).
  • For the 18 credit standard diploma option (required credits and 3 electives with highest GPA)

WEIGHTED GPA – The GPA with added points for taking honors (.02), AP/Dual Enrollment/AICE (.04)

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