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Calculation of GPA

UNWEIGHTED GPA -The GPA calculated for all grades and credit taken at the high school level including all elective classes

CORE GPA – The highest GPA of the required credits for graduation that the computer can determine.

  • For 24 standard diploma option (required credits and 8 electives with highest GPA).
  • For the 18 credit standard diploma option (required credits and 3 electives with highest GPA)

WEIGHTED GPA – The GPA with added points for taking honors (.02), AP/Dual Enrollment/AICE (.04)


  • Johnson & Wales will be here Wednesday March 28 @ 9:30am

Sign up sheets are in college binder in guidance waiting area.

Don’t forget to check the Education Foundation Scholarships listing in your Class of 2018 link under the Guidance Tab.

Please forward any College Acceptance Letters and Scholarship Awards to Ms. Diaz, N108

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