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Class of 2015 Hoodie & T-shirt

Posted on Jan 29, 2015 in News


We are selling the Senior t-shirts and hoodies again in our online store!

The store will be open until midnight on 31 January.​


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Valentine’s Dance

Posted on Jan 27, 2015 in News



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Pajama Day, Wed. January 28th

Posted on Jan 27, 2015 in News

Pajama Day1
Pajama Day RULES
1.  All skin that should be covered under normal dress code must STILL be covered.
2.  No see-through nor  “lingerie” type clothing.
3.  Gentlemen are not allowed to wear boxers as bottoms.
4.  Keep it appropriate for school!
5.  Make it fun!!  Wear your comfy clothes and slippers..  wear sweatpants and t-shirts…  carry your teddy bear!​


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Grad Bash 2015 Update

Posted on Jan 26, 2015 in News


I have 30 seats left to attend Grad Bash. They are on a first come first serve basis. To reserve your seat, you must have the full $115 in cash or money order AND all required forms with notarization. There are no partial payments!!

No, I will not hold a spot for you while you “run get___”.

I will only be “open for business” Monday/Tuesday during C lunch and Wednesday after school until 12pm. Do NOT disrupt my class!

IF there are still seats left after 12pm on Wednesday, I will put out another message with the next dates/times.

I am the ONLY person authorized to accept GradBash forms and payments. If you give it to someone else…. that’s on you.

-Mrs. Young

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Students Return Wednesday, January 7th

Posted on Jan 6, 2015 in News



Don’t forget to be in Dress Code!!!!!!!



1. Shirt/Polo MUST have a collar
2. Collared shirt/polo may be any color or pattern
3. No sleeveless collared shirts/polo
4. Jeans/Pants may not have any rips/tears/slits. Cloth underneath
rips/tears/slits is not acceptable
5. Shorts/Skirts must be knee length. No rips/tears/slits in shorts or skirts.
Cloth underneath rips/tears/slits is not acceptable
6. No leggings, jeggings or yoga pants
7. No sweatpants or pajama pants
8. No bandanas on head or any part of the body
9. No hats of any kind
10. Jeans/Pants/Shorts must be at the waist. No sagging of the

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