Wildcats are Roaring Readers! June 2015

White City Wildcats are roaring readers! They took on the Action 100 program with amazing ambition and the results show their success. Students read at least one hour every school day and 30 minutes on non-school days. The program was completed with the fidelity of steps being recorded daily and ongoing conferencing throughout the year. Congratulations to all!  

100 Book

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VPK Graduation


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Spelling Bee – May 19, 2015

Congratulations to our White City Elementary Spelling Bee top winners.

1st Place   –  Cameron Smith

2nd Place  – Chloe Williams

3rd Place    –  Antiyana Blue



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5th Grade Exploring Science

Students in Mr. Lewis’s class were building  circuits.  They were given batteries, copper wire and a light bulb and had to figure out how to use the materials to make a connection.
Also, students were experimenting using M&M’s with the question “would all of the colors merge or separate”?


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Students Participate in Reading Festival

On May, 2nd  students participated in Readers’ Theater at the SLCRC Family Reading Festival.

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Students Exploring the Phases of the Moon

Students in 5th grade learned the phases of the moon through an engaging activity. Who doesn’t love oreo cookies? Students got to show off their creative side while defining the phases of the moon.  (April 2015)

5th 2015

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VPK Celebrates Dr. Seuss Day – March 2015

VPK celebrated Dr. Seuss Day by reading The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham  and One Fish two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish .  We had Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast thanks to our Cafeteria Staff.  Each student turned themselves into a “THING” by making a hat and picking out their THING Number.  In math we practiced counting by rolling a dice and placing the correct number of “Goldfish Crackers” into the fishbowl.  Students practiced pattering by placing the sliced strawberries and bananas in a row to make a Dr. Seuss hat pattern on a stick before enjoying a yummy snack.  WE had a FUN SEUESSICAL day LEARNING!!


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