VPK Celebrates Dr. Seuss Day – March 2015

VPK celebrated Dr. Seuss Day by reading The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham  and One Fish two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish .  We had Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast thanks to our Cafeteria Staff.  Each student turned themselves into a “THING” by making a hat and picking out their THING Number.  In math we practiced counting by rolling a dice and placing the correct number of “Goldfish Crackers” into the fishbowl.  Students practiced pattering by placing the sliced strawberries and bananas in a row to make a Dr. Seuss hat pattern on a stick before enjoying a yummy snack.  WE had a FUN SEUESSICAL day LEARNING!!


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White City Elementary is Participating in Healthy Schools Program – 2/2015

wellness 3White City Elementary School in St. Lucie County,  has a great after school workout for students, says Katrina Gonzalez, Wellness Champion.  Students meet after school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30.  They have over 53 students signed up so far.  The hour starts out with a warm up that might include pushups, toe touches, jumping jacks, stretching and running laps.  After a short water break, students then get to choose a sport, for example, soccer or basketball.  At the end of the hour, students enjoy another break which includes water and healthy snacks.  Students can either bring their own snack, or the school provides fruits and vegetables.  The program is gaining momentum and the kids love it!!   Kudos to White City for leading the way in student wellness!!

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Introducing Grace Packs Program at White City Elementary 2/18/2015

White City Elementary is a school which has 100% of its students receiving both free breakfast and free lunch based on the poverty level of our families. But often, when they go home, there is little or no food to eat. These families have been impacted by loss of jobs, illness or choosing to pay a utility bill over a food bill because of necessity. We are trying to help our students by instituting Grace Packs, a program whose goal is to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner food items at the end of each school week to students whose families may be food insecure. But we desperately need your help in donating food items to our food pantry or making a monetary donation that will be able to let us buy these items. Currently we have 40 children receiving a grace pack each week but there are over 45 students on our waiting list! We need your help to enable us to add these students to our program and to sustain the grace packs until the end of the school year. Items we need include:
imagecanned meats and pasta
cereal bars
canned vegetables
mac and cheese
tuna fish
juice boxes
peanut butter jelly
canned chili


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Survey – For Parents of Students with IEP and Receive ESE Services 2/17/15

The Florida Department of Education is conducting a survey for parents of students who have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), receive Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services and are currently attending a Florida Public School.  The survey is open now through May 31, 2015. Please complete the survey at: http://www.esesurvey.com.


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VPK Students are 100 days SMARTER!! 1/30/15

Ms. Buescher’s class made hats with 100 stickers for a math lesson on 1 to 1 correspondence…we brainstormed what we could build with 100 Red Solo Cups…The above group was the Cup Challenge Champions!!



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Mrs. Irby’s Class Celebrates 100 Days of School 1/30/15

100 Days of School! Students made hats using 10 strips of paper and placed 10 stickers on each strip. In addition, they made fruit loop necklaces in counts of 10 for each color. Students were so proud to count to 100 by tens.



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White City Elementary Participating in Martin Luther King Parade 1/19/15


It was a morning enjoyed by all as staff, parents and students walked down Martin Luther King Blvd. to honor Martin Luther King and his dream.


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