VPK Moves up to Kindergarten!

VPK Wildcats in Ms. Buescher’s class have worked hard all year! Students have learned letters, sounds, beginning reading strategies, numbers, addition and subtraction, science, social skills and more! We are so proud to move you up to Kindergarten next year!

Congratulations to the VPK class of 2016!


20160520_093044 20160520_093146

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Family Math Night

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Students Get Creative in Reading!

bozone 1

Students from Mrs. Erica Anderson’s 5th grade class who are a part of Mrs. Jennifer Bozone’s small group each chose a book to read over Spring Break. They were given the creative task to create a visual representation of their favorite scene from the book.



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January Students of the Month!

January students of the month.  We are celebrating integrity.

student of month jan.

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Kindergarten Students Enjoying Reading!

Kindergarten students enjoyed wearing a pirate eye patch in the media center while sharing the story “No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou.” by Rhonda Gowler Greene. This story extended their classroom learning of sounds by practicing the ‘ar’ sound as well as rhyming words.20160121_104109

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White City Elementary Celebrates 100 Days of School!

Students in grades Pr-ek, kindergarten and first celebrated this great day by dressing up as 100 year olds, sorting food of 100 items to make friendship snack, making and reading 100 sight words, counting and adding to 100 was demonstrated by hundreds charts and models. A fun filled learning day was had by all!
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Kindergarten Students Learning About Turtles

IMG_2753Kindergarten students in Mr. Capozzoli’s resource class are hands on about sea turtles. Students pictured here are measuring the turtle models to determine the length of the turtle.   “We are surfing to Excellence at WCE!”





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