5/30/19  Ginger S to Ms. Hackett  Thank you for everything you did to help K throughout her 3 years at Westgate to be successful! We appreciate you and all your hard work!

5/29/19  Gail Cyr Church to Julie Beatty : She’s AWESOME

5/6/2019 Lataiya Moore to Mrs Spears  Thank You , Mrs Spears(clinic) for consistently caring for my children, Your hard work is much appreciated by the Moore Family.

4/20/2019  Ms LaTerra to Ms. Mealing  Thank you for helping Luke the way you do!!!! He is blessed to have you!!!

4/8/2019 Ms. Chambery to Ms.Defilippi:   I want to give Mrs. Defilippi a shout out for being such a great substitute! She always follows the sub plans to a T, leaves the room clean and organized, and makes it a smooth day for the kids. She volunteers her time during planning to help the other members of the team out. I never worry when she fills in when I’m out! Thank you for everything you do!

4/8/2019  Justin Sistarelli To Ms. Glauber and Ms. Nelson: First I want to say thank to Mrs. Glauber for helping me in math class and let me keep my book in her classroom when I go to lunch I have B lunch every day thank you Mrs. Glauber. And I second Mrs. Nelson always nice to me and print out my notes for math ask all of my teacher to print out my notes thank you Mrs. Nelson

4/4/2019  Ms. Corrigan to Vivian Hill    Thank you for rescuing me Friday! Without question, she volunteered to help me with something that to her seemed like something little, but to me meant a lot

4/3/2019 Ms. Randolph to Third grade team:  Shout Out to West Gate’s third grade teachers for all the fun activities and goodies they have organized and worked tirelessly on this week in preparation for the FSA. You guys rock!

3/25/2019  Ms DeVries to Ms. Nelson: Shout out to Mrs. Nelson for organizing the 6th grade field trip to Epcot. Thanks to your organization, dedication, and hard work, we all had a lot of fun!

3/25/2019  Ms. Ruck to Ms. Avilla: I would like to give a shout-out to Kelly Avilla. I can’t thank her enough for her hard work getting everything coordinated for our upcoming testing and for her support in the classroom too! Kelly is organized, caring, motivating, and has fabulous ideas!! It is a pleasure working with her and being able to call her my friend!

3/15/2019  Mrs Mealing to Coach Harmon and Coach Boltersdorf

Dear Coaches,

Thank you so much for a fun and exciting field day.  My class had a great time competing in all the events.  I know this is a lot of work but it is one of my favorite days.  I get to have fun with my students.  Thank you for letting me participate and enjoy being outside with my students.

All events were well organized and let students show off their athletic abilities.  The 4th grade helpers were well trained and knew what they were doing.  It is important to let students have a leadership role.

Thank you again for a fun, organized, lessons learned day!

Can’t wait for next year!

Thank you for the measuring feet.


2/20/2019  Ms. Mealing to Janette Marin and her team: I would like to thank them for their quick service. My classroom need some lights fix and they came out right away. We can see again! I also needed a student table lowered and fixed. Again, they came right away. I appreciate all your help. Thank
you very much.

2/15/2019  Lisa Keogh to Mr. Kline big thank you to Joe Kline for being such an amazing mentor to our district science fair students! Your time, patience, guidance and support was greatly appreciated!! All of our students who competed at the district ended up placing and that is a true testament to Joe’s leadership!


2/11/2019  Jennifer Skurnick to Stephanie DeVries  Thank you, DeVries, for not only helping me learn the ropes of middle school this year, but for also being my constant companion in reflecting, planning, and fun. Your constant hard work to improve the instruction and environment for our kids is motivating. I’m so thankful to have you as my 6th grade “sister.” Love yah!

2/11/2019    Jesse Smith to the 5th grade team   I would like to shout-out the 5th grade team for their consistent help and making work enjoyable. I could not have gone through this year without this group of people and professionals. They are always there for advice or a good laugh.

2/11/2019    Mr. McInerney to Mrs. Small   Thank you for taking care of my transition to 6th grade

2/1/2019    Joey Cherry to Mrs. MacKenzie

As a fellow teacher, only of older students, I know how impressionable little ones can be, and Mrs. Mackenzie has been the most amazing, supportive, caring, and disciplined teacher that we could ask for as our daughter’s kindergarten teacher. She is always a phone call away, and when the children feel like they are struggling or that they will not be able to achieve their best, she never stops short of ensuring that they have confidence in themselves and them over their learning obstacle. I know That our daughter will have the best foundation in education because she started with the best Kindergarten teacher.

Thank you Mrs. Mackenzie.


1/17/2018  Erynne Herzog to Ms. Miller: I would like to take this opportunity to reconize Miss Miller for her genuine kindness. Jacob Rooney thinks the world of her and enjoys going to school because of the positive encouragement and pleasant classroom setting she creates. Everyday he gets in the car eagar to tell me about his day and where he ended up on the “behavior chart”. He is so proud to be on outstanding or the sun. He has learned so much and excited to do his homework and read every night. She has set a great foundation for the fun in learning which I believe will carry on well into the future. We are proud to be a mustang! Thank you West Gate for setting a higher standard in learning and your wonderful staff!

10/12/2017   Ms. Goyings to Ms Fish: Thank you Mrs. Fish for all of your help this year! You go above and beyond to help me and I am so thankful.

10/4 2017     Ms. Chambery to Mr. Moore and Ms. Avilla: Thank you to Mr. Moore and Ms. Avilla for helping our 5th grade students with their math. We couldn’t do it without you.

10/4/2017  Ms Chambery to Ms Goyings: A shout out to Ms Goyings for her hard work and dedication to the 5th grade team! You’ve worked hard and it doesn’t go unnoticed!

9/28/2017 Ms. Todd to the Westgate Cafeteria Staff:   I would like to thank Ms. Jethroe, Ms. Fate, Mrs. Alli, Ms. Marquez, Ms. Berrios, Mrs. Dobson, Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Bell, Mr. Noel, and Mrs. Restrepo for the AMAZING food they provided for our annual bus driver breakfast. The cafeteria staff went above and beyond our expectations and we truly are grateful to them for everything they do!

9/10/2017  Mrs. Goyings to the Fifth Grade team:  Iwould like to give a shout out to my fifth grade colleagues as they have helped me get acclimated to West Gate and Florida! They have been inviting, caring, and patient with me and I can not thank them enough for their constant support. Mr. Moore, Ms. Chambery, Mrs. Kline, Mrs. Van Bussum, and Mrs. Young are all passionate educators who care deeply about the success of their students.

8/21/2017   Ms Bowman to Rick Shelnut   Just a quick shout out to Rick our maintenance man….He has done an amazing job keeping our rooms and pod sparkling clean! Thanks Rick:)

8/19/2017   Jennifer Brown to Ms. Downing   I would like to thank Mrs. Downing for being so communicative with me (parent) during my son’s 1st week of kindergarten. It has been a big transition for him and she has truly been very helpful. I am looking forward to the year ahead of us. Thank you.

8 /16/2017  Sandy Dauge to Lisa Keough   Lisa has been extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and accommodating to me during this first week of school. My daughter is a new student and we have already faced a few challenges. Lisa has taken the time to answer all of my questions, and assisted me in getting Haley where she needs to go. In my experience, a lot of people working in the front office of school may get annoyed or show attitude because it is so busy, Lisa has been that exception. She has been professional and friendly and never made me feel like I was bothering her. She is the reason I am so calm and is an asset to your organization.

6/5/2017         Ms. Mahr to Coach Moore:  Thank you for being an amazing teacher and coach! You always go above and beyond to keep the students engaged and make learning fun

5/25/17            Ms. Schumacher to Coach B: Thank you Coach B for helping me bring in my bags on the golf cart. It saved me stress and less humidity on my curls 🙂

5/25/17          Ms Schumacher to Ms. EllistonThank you Ms. Elliston for sitting in for our Breakfast Bash this week. Meggy really appreciated having someone here to share her performance with
1/30/17        Ms. Stonelake to Ms. Bowman: Thank you for your time and commitment to making sure that the  car line flows so smoothly! I love to see your friendly face every afternoon! You’re the best!

1/19/17       Mr. Calvo to Ms. Kneidel: The kids had a great time with Penny Wars.  I heard them planning their attack and laughing about it. We also talked about it in Math.  We also took a stroll in the nature walk.  It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to use it when we start plants.  Thank you, Ms. Kneidel

1/19/17       Mr. Calvo to Ms. Harris: Thank you for your generous donation of plywood for our MLK Float this year. You saved us a lot of money. We really appreciate it.

1/5/17         Mr. Nash to Coach Harmon:  Thanks for helping with the consession stand, referees, and admissions table at our scrimmage game.  Go Mustangs!

1/5/17          Mrs. Gallagher to Mr. Rinelli:   For always helping our pod with repairing technology and keeping our computers up and running.

12/16/16     Mrs. Petruff to the Westgate PTO:  For spreading the holiday cheer to the Westgate Faculty.  Thank you for all you do for the faculty, staff and students of Westgate.

12/16/16     Mrs. Schremmer to Mrs. McLaughlin:   For organizing an awesome concert for Autism. Mozart rocks!

12/15/16    Mrs. Cole to Mrs. Greenburg:   For taking on the challenging task of 6th grade Language Arts

12/15/16    Mrs. Cole to Mrs. Schremmer: For being a supportive team leader

12/15/16    Mrs. Hankins:  For always being a positive influence for both students and staff

12/15/16    Mrs Osborne: For always having an extra set of eyes to alert me to student’s behavior

12/15/16    Mariana Solanilla to Mrs Cole :  You are the greatest art teacher at West Gate!!

12/7/16    Ms. Joyner to Kyle Cadet  : For his willingness to help with classroom tasks before school in Mrs. Joyner’s room. Your help is appreciated.

 12/6/16     Kirsten Hudgens Nance to Mrs Chambery.   I would like to give a big thank you to Ms. Chambery who has been helping my daughter’s  class with math.  My daughter was so happy to have her come into her class to teach and help them with math. Delaney absolutely loves her and I’m so thankful for all her help this year.  Thank you for making a difference Mrs. Chambery, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

12/5/16        Wendi Todd to Mr. Rinelli.   Thank you so much for always helping me fix my electronic devices. Without you I would not be able to print anything and I really appreciate you always coming to my rescue! Thank you!

11/30/16    Ms. Schumacher to Mrs. Wong:  Thank you for your kindness and forgiveness this week. Your effort  made my day a little less heavy, and it means so much!
11/29/16       Mr Calvo to Ms. Petruff….. For organizing the shout outs!

11/22/16     Mrs. Osborne to the Kindergarten Team   Thank you for an amazing Thanksgiving play. The kids were awesome.

11/22/16   Mrs. Rappuhn to Mrs. Schremmer,  Mrs. McLaughlin and Administration  Thank you for your help, hard work and support while I was gone.

11/22/16   Mrs. Rappuhn to Mrs. Gifford   Thanks for being so lovely to Koral after her Pop-Pop died. She needed it.

11/22/16   Mrs. Wong to Mr. LeBon    For helping me load 14 turkeys into the fridge.  Thank you so much

11/21/16  Mrs. Avilla will like to give a Shout out to Elijah Hayden for helping me on my computer

11/21/16   Mrs Wong to Mrs Rappuhn and the National Junior Honor Society. They did an awesome job with the food drive and packing food for our Grace Packs Families! Thank you so much!

11/17/16   Mrs. Parker to Dean Nash, Dean Todd, Ms. Bowman, Mrs. Tapanes, and Mrs. Guzman  Thank you for all of your help and assistance with making our first Principal’s Honor Roll Breakfast a huge success. You are amazing!

11/17/16  Mrs. Parker to Mr. Calvo  Thank you for always coming to the rescue with all of our technical issues we have for our events! We couldn’t do it without you and are so grateful.

9/2/16       Dana Stonelake to Ms. Pacocha and Ms. Avilla   Thank you Ms. Pacocha (and Mrs. Avilla) for taking time out of your busy schedules to help the kids and Mr. Moore in Algebra 1! The kids truly loved having you teach them some new skills, and I am sure Mr. Moore appreciated the extra help!

8/31/16   Ginger Schutt to Deb Hackett Thank you so much for making our transition to Westgate so easy. Mrs. Hackett has been so kind and caring and put me completely at ease. All the teachers show a real love for kids.

5/23/16  Jenny La terra to Lauren Chambery  Since day one, Ms. Chambery has been engaged with her students in a positive way. She was always aware when my child needed motivation and interacted accordingly. At the same time, she is warm and made learning fun. We are honored and privileged to have her part of the West Gate Family

5/12/16  Jody Dugan to Christina Neimeth: For going over and beyond the call of duty for the kids and creating a conducive and fun learning environment

2/14/16 Mrs. Epps to Girl’s Basketball Team B   UNDEFEATED! Keep up the good work! YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!!!!! (Aysia’s mom) #33

2/12/16 Jessica Berggren to Emily Ruck  Thank you for watching my class so I could attend the 4th grade honor roll assembly.

1/29/16 Linda Mangiafreno to Wendy Todd   I am the driver of bus 2729. Everyday I come to your school Ms. Todd is always so pleasant! Even if the day is miserable. She also has an adorable sense of humor. She makes coming to West Gate a pleasure for me, and I really appreciate it!! Just thought I’d tell you what I’m sure you already knew! Enjoy your day!!

1/13/16   Jillian Dale to the Westgate Faculty   Last year was my last at west gate, I felt like I was going to cry! Thank you for the good times I had there, all the memories I had made, and all the good times!

10/10 Kim Gallagher to April Cheeseboro

For graciously taking my entire class (instead of the half that are scheduled) when a scheduling mishap occurred.

10/9 Jessica Stott to Mr. Rinelli and his class

Thank you Mr. Rinelli and your awesome students for doing what you do! I mentioned to you some computers that were having issues and you had your awesome students resolve the issues so quickly! It is so appreciated! You guys rock!

10/1  Marta Almiron to Marian Petruff

Thanks a million for the extra CD players for our Listening Center! I can’t thank you enough! Even though the tape player part doesn’t work, my little ones are enjoying listening books on CDs tremendously! It’s by far one of the favorites centers in our classroom! The best part: I don’t have to buy batteries anymore!

9/24 Laura Fort to Lisa Landis

I would like to thank Ms.Landis and her staff for their extra effort in providing a caring and empathetic environment for a particular student. She took the initiative to gather our West Gate family to provide support to a family in need.

9/21 Jennifer Harris to Marta Almiron

Thank you Mrs. Almiron for all your extra time and effort with parent pick-up and also great ideas to help things run smoother for our littles! Thank you for your patience and extra TLC towards a special little kindergartner 🙂 and as always thank you for your extra time and creativity in helping making useful materials for our team!!!!

9/21 Jennifer Harris to Laura Fort and Debbie Hackett

Thank you ladies, for your time and your expertise with ideas for creating a writing center for my littles with the use of their bellies and clipboards! Also, thank you for the insight and ideas for a student of mine needing extra academic support! We appreciate your time and great ideas!

9/17  Laura Fort to Ms. Latowski and Mrs. Gallagher

I give a huge shout out to Ms. Latowski and Mrs. Gallagher for working as team with the Smartboard. A perfect example of co-teaching to meet the needs of all students effectively. Great job!!

9/15 Jennifer Harris to Dawn Miller, Melissa Lushbaugh, Therese Calvo, Marcia Aquino and Rose Wong

Thank you for helping our little kindergartners out at parent pick up to make sure they are safe and happy after school!

9/15 Jennifer Harris to Elaine Harmon

Thank you beyond words for stopping by to pick up my very own little one  to take him to class and distract him from his tears! You are appreciated and the card topped it off! =)

9/15 Jennifer Harris to Amanda Bean

Thank you Mrs. Bean for your help with grade book and also for thinking of me when grabbing a big book for the week! You Rock!

 9/15 Jennifer Harris to Anita Downing

Thank you Mrs. Downing for your extra time and energy at parent pick-up to help the children get home safely and quickly!

9/15 Jennifer Harris to Laurie Madden

Thank you Mrs. Madden with the extra time and help you put towards our team with lesson plan templates!

9/15 Jennifer Harris to Laurie Madden and Kristin Wetherall

Great job on your presentation! Thanks for taking the extra time to put together an engaging presentation for us all! Great feedback from many! Thanks girls! =)

9/15 Jennifer Harris to Ms. Pacocha


9/14 Jennifer Harris to Julie Gibson

A sincere thank you to Ms. Gibson for her extra time, kindness and most of all her understanding with our “big kids!” (AKA middle school children) Thank you for helping me and being a part of making my big guy smile again! =) You Rock!

9/11 From Kristin Wetherall to Mr. Rinelli

Shout- Out To Mr. Rinelli! Thank you so much for helping my little first graders learn how to log into the computers and what websites to learn on. Thank you!!

9/10 From Amanda Bean to  Marta Almiron

Thank you for always creating amazing activities/ideas and sharing them with our K team. You rock!!!!

9/5 From Cindy Van Bussum to the Fifth Grade Team

Thank you for all your help and for accepting me in to your grade group. Your kindness and friendship is very much appreciated.I am so lucky to be a part of such a great team!

9/5 From Beverly Buehrig to Andrea Malin

For being the one woman force behind moving, cleaning, organizing, and checking all of our pod computers! You’ve done a phenomenal job and we appreciate it so much!

9/5 From Beverly Buehrig to Kristin Wetherall

For being a positive and fun addition to our first grade team! You’ve been a whirlwind of helpfulness! From gathering enough people to be able to order ink cartridges at a discount, to screening all my kids with DRA, to the lovely pumpkin muffins you doled out in our pod the other day, you make us all smile!

9/4 From Joanne McLaughlin to all of the Westgate faculty and staff

Thank you for all you do to make West Gate a wonderful place to learn. I miss you all and the kids, but am loving retirement

9/4 Dana Stonelake to Lisa Keogh

For ALWAYS wearing a smile and presenting a genuine “Welcome to West Gate…How can I help you…” personality. You are the first impression to our parents and community members and we are so lucky to have you!! You’re awesome!

8/27 From Dean Seitz to Ms. Ingarra and Mrs. Calvo

Thanks, for all you do! Mrs.Calvo has been a great help in the cafeteria since school opened!

8/25  From Kelly Avilla to Marian Petruff

For figuring out how to create a contact list with outside emails.

8/25  From Kim Gallagher to Jessica Berggren

For saving my sanity when my printer went down days before school started. She printed everything I needed (in color) from her home. She is always there to help!

8/21 From Adrienne Sloan to Mr. Rinelli

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your  students coming to the second grade pod to organize our computer cords.  It was much needed and they did a great job. 

8/21 From Chris Calvo to the Parent Pick-up team

Great job on keeping calm and working hard to bring that time down. Teamwork. That is what it is all about. Let’s keep it up.

8/20  Marian Petruff to Samantha Davis (SLC webmaster) 

Thank you for taking the time to make the West Gate Shout Out page possible.

8/18 Mary Mosley to Kelly Avilla

You encouraged my grandson John and helped him to bridge the gap in math. He tells me you were a great teacher who worked extra hard to help him understand mathematic principles.

8/18 Mary Mosley to Nancy Small 

Creating a sense of history for my grandson and encouraging him to be successful. You were his favorite teacher in sixth grade because of your enthusiasm and love for children!

8/15  Kristin Bowman to Kristi Pachocha

Couldn’t have made the start of a whole new chapter at West Gate any better than you did! Welcome to an amazing family.

8/13  Marian Petruff to Mr. Noble 

“Thank you Mr. Noble, With all that you have to do you found the time to come to my new room and adjust the tables and change the chairs. I asked you in the hallway and minutes later you were there!  You are the best.”

8/13  Kristin Wetherall to the first grade team 

I want to shout out to my new first grade team! They are incredible and extremely helpful. Thank you for your help and support.