10/23/2020: To Jesse Smith, “Thank you to Jesse Smith for working so hard! You are an amazing teacher and you always go above and beyond!! :)” -Ashlen Smith

10/23/2020: To Monti and Wubker, “Thank you both so much for all of your virtual help! I appreciate you both beyond words!” -Heidi Goldberg

10/23/2020: To Chris Calvo, “I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Mr. Calvo. Thank you for always having a smile on your face and giving your all!! Thank you for making learning fun and loving our students!! You are awesome!” -Ashlen Smith

10/23/2020: To Shannon Seefried, “Special shout out to Seefried for being so flexible throughout the week and for always making me laugh!” -Toni Baptiste

9/18/2020: To Yerk and Keough, “I hope you know how amazing the two of you are. You keep the entire school going everyday without fail. You are both always willing to jump in and help us out in to clinic whenever you can. You are always so nice and explain anything we have questions about. You have one of the hardest jobs dealing with parents and being the first impression that people have of West Gate. You are both rock stars and we appreciate everything you do” -Jen Saxton

9/18/2020: To Katherine Price, “Thank you for being a ROCK STAR and always fixing/helping me with my Skyward and millions of rosters! You go above and beyond and work so hard!! I appreciate all of help!!!!” -Amanda Mackenzie

9/18/2020: To Zach Maes, “Thanks for coming to the rescue when I was struggling with my Teams calendar. (With fingers crossed) Things have been running smoothly ever since your intervention. I greatly appreciate it!” -David Nash

9/18/2020: To Margee Young, “Thank you for always keeping me focusing and being a great sounding board for me! I appreciate all of your knowledge and help. You are an amazing teammate and I’m so thankful for you!” -Sherry Vasquez

9/18/2020: To Kimberly Demet, “Thank you Ms. Demet for your patience and dedication with Andrew. We are so grateful you are his teacher again this year and appreciate everything you do to ensure he is successful. We can’t thank you enough!” -Evelyn Stover

9/18/2020: To Janna Hochfeld, “Janna is incredibly flexible and always is willing able to help wherever she is needed. The ESE department is lucky to have her on our team! We appreciate you Janna!” -Evelyn Stover

9/18/2020: To Kristin Bowman, “Ms. Bowman thank you for all your support with Khloe. She loves being in your class. I love hearing all the stories from her each day” -Sabrina Faniel

9/18/2020: To Sean Lynch, “Thank you for ALWAYS being in the hallway on duty during 2nd and 3rd period! Thank you for making sure our students are 6 feet apart and making good choices in the hallways during class change! I appreciate you!” -Wendi Todd

9/18/2020: To Amy Clements, “Thank you so much for all of your hard work helping us implement Pik My Kid for buses. You drop everything and meet with me and have worked so hard editing the bus list and working with the company to make it easier on us in the bus loop. Thank you for answering all of my questions and answering my emails and texts in the evenings and on the weekends. We all appreciate all of your hard work making this a smooth transition!” -Wendi Todd

9/18/2020: To Sabrina Faniel, “I just wanted to Thank Ms. Faniel for all that she does everyday for our kids! My daughter comes home so excited to tell me about her day and how much she has learned. She also can not wait to get to school every morning, she loves West Gate and Ms. Faniel!!” -Amy Pohorence

9/18/2020: To Barbara Mackie-Solberg, “Thank you for always going the extra mile to ensure your students feel welcomed and loved” -Kara Watkins

9/18/2020: To Baptiste and Seefried, “Thank you both for being so welcoming and easy to work with!” -Kara Watkins

9/18/2020: To Deb Schremmer, “Mrs. Schremmer can always be counted on for her positivity and helpfulness. She really keeps us all smiling!” -Mary Moreira

9/1/2020: To Ashlen Smith, Lisa Hamilton, Courtney Collins, Barbara Mackie-Solberg, Margee Young, and Jesse Smith, “Thank you all for being so inclusive and being so much fun to work with! It’s going to be a great year!” -Jaime Nelson

9/1/2020: To Ms. Almiron, “Miss Almiron has made the first week of kindergarten for our twins seamless! Returning to school hasn’t been easy for anyone, but for two 5 year olds who have been home since March, it was especially difficult. She’s gone above and beyond to make sure they were comfortable and safe and had a great first week! We are so blessed they were placed in her class” -Ashley Vasquez

9/1/2020: To Ms. Small, “Thank you for decorating the bulletin boards!” -Courtney Kline

9/1/2020: To Ms. Bowman, “Mrs. Bowman has my son over the moon about school! He has come home so excited and happy everyday. She has communicated, consistently, on the remind app. LOVE THAT!! We appreciate you!!! Thank you for all you do for our children!” -Brodie Shivers

9/1/2020: To Ms. Demet and Ms. Garth, “Miss Garth and Mrs Demet kept their cool, were super helpful and always there for us this week! We appreciate both of them for their dedication and hard work! We know it was a hard and frustrating week but they certainly never showed it! Thank you!” -The Pacey’s

9/1/2020: To Carly Branning, “Thank you for being the best teammate ever! I look forward to having the best year we can. #CivicsChicks” -Lauren Kappler

9/1/2020: To Deborah Abrams, “Making our daughters first week such ease and still very exciting during such unusual circumstances. She has her joy back for learning…her excitement when she came home everyday brought so much joy! Thank you for all you do!” -Crystal Hoskins

9/1/2020: To Mrs. Stover, “So very grateful for her patience and the time she invested in my kiddo this week! She is a compassionate soul and Westgate is blessed to have her!” -Michelle Firkins


9/1/2020: To Mrs. Lushbaugh, “Mrs Lushbaugh did a great job keeping the attention of 33 7 year olds despite computer issues on day 1 and 2. She was patient with them during all that frustration! I must have heard kids say her name 1000 times! She guided us parents through and made me feel very confident and at ease with virtual school. Thank you Mrs Lushbaugh!” -Jennifer Moody

9/1/2020: To Jennifer Harris, “Jen is a true friend with a heart of gold. She is willing to help anyone who asks. She stays late after school to finish her work because she spends her free time during the day helping other teachers. She is very creative, and does a wonderful job creating art pieces for the halls of West Gate. She loves every one of her students – past and present. For example, she has delivered pizzas to her students during the beginning of the pandemic. She handed out high-school diplomas to her former students. The list goes on and on. I am truly grateful that she is my colleague and friend” -Kim Gallagher

9/1/2020: To Jennifer Harris, “We would like to send a very special thank you to Ms. Harris and all of the wonderful team members at West Gate ! Ms. Harris has been so phenomenal with Kellan and making him feel comfortable and welcomed at his new school as a kindergartner . Even with the current state of traditional school, she has made all the kids feel special and has done a wonderful job communicating with the parents. We are so incredibly appreciative of the love and care she has shown him and feel so lucky to have her as his teacher!

Also, West Gate as a whole has also been wonderful !! They are prepped , prepared and haven’t skipped a beat throughout all of the craziness . That are so communicative and have done an incredible job welcoming students back to school .

Thank you so much to all !!! We are forever grateful” -Kasie Parsons

8/28/2020: To my PE buddies!, “Thanks for all the support as we enter this virtual PE world. We are the original team!” -Coach B

8/28/2020: To the 6th grade team, “Thank you ALL for coming together and helping each other out! Despite the circumstances, it’s been amazing how we all have come together and helped each other out!” -Courtney Kline

8/27/2020: To Skurnick, “Thank you for all your guidance and being my sensei on all things ELA” -Jesse Smith

8/27/2020: To Margee Young, “Thanks for the early morning Canvas tutoring sessions. I appreciate your patience. I am certainly not a Canvas expert, but I am getting there” -David Nash

8/27/2020: To The Women of my pod – Branning, McLaughlin and Rivas, “THANK YOU ALL for helping to teach this old dog new tricks with all the technology. Your guidance, assistance, and patience is much appreciated” -Sean Lynch

8/27/2020: To Michelle Smith, “Helping my son transition into a new kindergarten classroom and pushing him to work to his potential. You are an angel!” -Jennifer Kaste

8/27/2020: To Corrigan and Manning, “Sending a huge THANK YOU to Ms. Corrigan & Ms. Manning in 3rd for your smiles everyday and making this online journey a pleasant one! You are the best.” -Megan Allcroft

8/27/2020: To Amanda Mackenzie, “The bulletin boards in the front office look AMAZING! Thank you for giving your time up to put them up, and all the other little things you do to help others with your creativity. You make our school brighter!!” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/27/2020: To Allcroft and Avilla, “Thank you so much for taking your time to help pack the virtual school bags. I couldn’t have finished on time without your support. Seriously. THANK YOU!” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/27/2020: To Victoria Randolph, “Thank you for putting together the 3rd grade bulletin board- it’s beautiful!” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/14/2020: To Courtney and Sherry, “Thank you for making me feel so welcome to my new team! You guys are the best!” -Jesse Smith

8/14/2020: To Barbara Mackie-Solberg, “Thank you for always being there for me! You inspire me to work harder every day!” -Jesse Smith

8/14/2020: To Jesse Smith, “Just want to acknowledge Mr. Smith for always keeping things moving with shout outs, yearbooks, pictures and school spirit. He has been a great addition to West Gate” -Christopher Calvo

8/12/2020: To Hackett and Stover, “Thank you ladies for working so hard on ESE scheduling! Love ya both so much! xo” -Victoria Randolph

8/12/2020: To Kara Watkins, “Thank you for being YOU! Today’s outing meant SO MUCH TO ME! Thanks for supporting me” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/12/2020: To Lisa, Jenn, and Jessica, “Thanks for a speedy first day of school check in! You ladies were so warm and welcoming. Started my day great!” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/12/2020: To Melissa Osborn, “Thank you for always being willing to help and go the extra mile for ALL of us. This team is so lucky to have you!” -Jennifer Saxton

8/12/2020: To Melissa Osborn, “A big shout out to Melissa Osborn- the most amazing executive secretary in all the land! Thank you for all that you do every day! The question really is- what jobs DON’T you do! You are loved and appreciated!!” -Lisa Keough

8/12/2020: To Regina Tapanes, Lauren Kappler, and Lisa Keough, “Thank you ladies for helping me bring in a box of school supplies from my car. Your care really meant a lot to me. Thank you!” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/12/2020: To Wetherall and Hankins,  “Thank you for making getting a new laptop so QUICK and EASY yesterday. When it crashed, I didn’t know what to do! You made my day!!!”  -Kelsey Corrigan

8/12/2020: To Madden, Kaste, Lushbaugh, and Palmer, “Ladies, it was awesome to see you working together safely the other day. When I walked into Madden’s room, and you all were distanced but still with a mask on. It made me feel really safe and comfortable to engage with you” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/12/2020: To Julia Cherry, “Julia – thank you so much for moving the desks from my room to help the kindergarten team. You busted your butt, and we appreciate you. You always have a smile (I can tell by your eyes – since you always have your mask on!!).. and you have a positive attitude. Thank you so much!” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/12/2020: To Maintenance Team, “A huge thank you to our wonderful custodial staff who worked so hard to make our grounds, classrooms, hallways and pods beautiful again. My room and pod area was so clean I could see myself in the waxed floor!!!! We appreciate YOU” -Deborah Schremmer

8/12/2020: To Bowman and Allcroft, “It was hard to say yes – but thank you so much for helping me move my things today. It would have taken me forever. Even bigger thank you for using your muscles to move a book shelf. I can’t say thank you enough. I APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!” -Kelsey Corrigan

8/12/2020: To Laurie Madden, “I can’t do this teaching thing without you. Thank you for always lending a hand to help, an ear to brainstorm with and a smile to make it all better. This past week I’ve called and texted a lot – and you always gave me your time. Thank you!!” -Kelsey Corrigan