Vocal Music Specialist

Mr. Tom Schiffer –


The music program includes activities involving singing, rhythm instruments, music history, and music notation. The students will understand the structure of music and its elements, melody, harmony, rhythm and form. The students will also experience performing individually or in ensembles.

The music curriculum uses a variety of instructional methods, to present music as a natural outgrowth of speech and body movement. The younger children sing and play melodies and rhythms on classroom percussion instruments and bucket drums along with other simple instruments. They experience rhythm through speech, song, body movement, and instrumental work.

At all grade levels the program is built on making music, reading and writing music, and the development of musical skills. In classes with older students, the curriculum is highly focused on the appreciation, history, and understanding of the contributions of musicians who made a cultural and musical impact on modern music. The individual singers also work on posture, breath control, and vocal syllabication.