At Dale Cassens School, students are provided instruction through scientifically based programs designed to meet their academic needs. Students work toward either a standard or a special diploma, and some prepare for entry to the workforce. All core academic courses are offered, as well as, specialized course offerings in social/personal skills, pre-academics, developmental skills, unique skills personal/home skills, leisure/recreation skills, physical education, communication, pre-vocational skills, and career exploration. Students working toward a standard High School diploma take regular high school courses. Opportunities are provided for students to either return to their zone schools, obtain career and/or work experiences, or transition to adult services in the community.

School-wide Behavior Management

Students with emotional or behavioral issues are provided a highly structured academic and behavioral program. The focus of this program is to address behavioral issues on an individual basis. Many of the students staffed into Dale Cassens have exhibited a chronic pattern of inappropriate behavior on other school campuses. These behaviors have interfered with not only the student’s academic learning environment, but, also with his/her social development.

A point system is used to track each student’s behavioral progress. Each student is responsible for her/his own behaviors and self-monitors, using a daily point sheet. Rewards, reinforcements, privileges, and ultimately their transition are tied to the point system.  Students must earn a certain percentage of their points in order to level up.