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Welcome Back to the “Bull Dog Band”

The start of a new school year is an exciting time, especially for you as a FGMS “Bull Dog Band” member!  You will be playing music with one of the finest middle school bands in St. Lucie County. Our band earned straight Excellent ratings from the Florida Bandmasters Association last year. We are anticipating Superior ratings for this year. With your full participation in our band program we can meet this goal and have the best middle school band in Florida!

New to the “Bull Dog Band” ?

As a member of FGMS “Bull Dog Band”, you have chosen to be participate with the finest student musicians, and student leaders in our school and county. Don’t hesitate tell your friends to join the band; no experience necessary, learn to play a band instrument and grow your brain. Take a minute to view this short video on how playing music will exercise the brain.  https://www.facebook.com/TEDEducation/videos/1060409360638936/


Band was a very special experience for me as a young person. Many of my friends were in the band and playing music with them was a special experience. When I was in middle school I spent a great deal of my time involved in some aspect of the band program. My band directors at the time were very interesting people with a wealth of life experience and knowledge. They play instruments with us in class and taught us that with patience, practice and persistence we could all learn how to play musical instruments together to make music. Playing in the band offered a very different experience and place to grow intellectually and emotionally. Playing instruments taught me how to make friends, problem solve and think creatively. Teaching and playing music has become a lifelong quest for me. Listed below are a few goals of the Band Program:

  • Provide each student with a comprehensive music education, while teaching the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in life.

  • Benefit the school by presenting concerts of quality music that will in turn create an enriched school environment.

  • Foster the development of essential character traits to include a strong work ethic, personal integrity, a commitment to excellence, and respect for self and others.

  • Provide each student with a positive emotional outlet, a good social experience, and the desire to become a lifelong learner.



FGMS Band Director – (772) 468-5885 ext. 2649
Joseph Colombo – joseph.colombo@stlucieschools.org

For more information on our outstanding Band program, please see: Additional Band Requirements