Discipline-Based Art Education

We are a recipient of the Annenberg/Getty Grant, Little Red School House Award and Florida Elementary Art Teacher of the Year 2000.

At F.K. Sweet, the art specialist, Desiree Miller, teaches Disciplined Based Art Education to all students.  DBAE is the study of:

  • Art History: students learn about artists
  • Art Criticism: students learn how to discuss works of art
  • Art Aesthetics: students give value to works of art
  • Art Production: students create works of art

This extensive art program follows state and national standards and enhances the academic curriculum.The students’ artwork is proudly displayed throughout the school and in the community. The students also participate in many art contests.

Art materials are provided for all students by our annual fundraisers.

Our Art Center

The Art Classroom

The Art Reading Area

The Art Gallery

Ceramic Room