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Professor Kevin Adkins completed undergraduate and graduate work at The University of Michigan receiving both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering. His graduate work dealt with fluid mechanics within an atmospheric science context and the mapping of winds within the planetary boundary layer utilizing Doppler lidar. Subsequent to this, Professor Adkins completed additional academic work in meteorology and physics at Pennsylvania State University and other institutions. He is presently a doctoral candidate. His present area of interest and research centers on using computational methods to analyze and solve geophysical fluid mechanics problems, especially related to wind resource assessment. Prior to his arrival at Embry-Riddle, Professor Adkins has taught physics as an adjunct faculty member at various institutions since 1999.
Outside of his academic pursuits, Kevin is a pilot and was selected to fly the A-10 Warthog following USAF undergraduate pilot training. He spent 10 years in engineering industry serving as both a design and flight-test engineer. In addition, Professor Adkins has worked with NASA on the X-38 CRV and served as an expert witness. Sharing these exciting experiences is Kevin’s wife, Jennifer, and two daughters. Professor Adkins enjoys sailing, travel and continual life-long learning.


Professor Adkins wishes to motivate and challenge his students appropriately so that they will always be excited about their own learning and strives to help them make a connection between the material they are exposed to in the classroom and its usefulness and application in the surrounding physical world. Within his classroom, Professor Adkins creates a safe and interactive environment and reminds his student that the concepts that they struggle with often took great minds hundreds of years, and several iterations, to get right. During a student’s experience within his classroom, Professor Adkins hopes to impart the knowledge and skills that will allow the student to succeed in subsequent coursework, continue as a life-long learner, and, in general, better understand and enjoy their surrounding physical world.

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