Media and Arts Academy

The Media and The Arts Academy at Fort Pierce Central High School  provides an opportunity for students to formally learn fundamental components for success in creative industries. Students in many parts of the program are prepared to gain industry certifications that are directly applicable to future employment.  There are also avenues for community experience with area business partners.  Individual programs are also responsible for providing much of the School’s components such as brochures, flyers, television shows, art and photography.

The programs in the Media and Arts Academy are as follows.


Art Teacher

Ms. Heather Sullivan and Ms. Katherine Avra

Click here to learn more about FPC’s Art Department.


Band Teacher

Ms. Melissa Roeder
Digital TV Production

Digital TV Production Teacher

Mr. Matthew Stover

Photography Teachers

Ms. Heather Blackmon-Gordon and Mr. Matthew Stover

Click here to learn more about FPC’s Photography Department.

Video Game Design

Video Game Design Teacher

Mr. Matthew Stover




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