Principal Monarae Miller-Buchanan

Mrs. Buchanan brings years of high school experience and passion to Fort Pierce Central High School.  After having lead Forest Grove Middle School where she had tremendous success, she is now charged with the operations of the entire school unit, is the final authority on all matters relating to school personnel, financial affairs, instruction, activities, discipline, and procedures here at Fort Pierce Central.  She will continue to work closely with the Superintendent and district level staff to ensure that the policies adopted by the St. Lucie County School Board are carried out at Fort Pierce Central High School.  Mrs. Buchanan can be reached by email at


Ayesha Boria Assistant Principal




Mrs. Ayesha Boria joined the Cobra family in 2015. Before coming to Fort Pierce Central, she taught for 15 years at the elementary and middle school level. Mrs. Boria earned her B.S. in Elementary Education from Florida International University and a M. Ed. in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. Mrs. Boria is responsible for the 9th Grade Academy, Math Department, Testing, PBIS, Transportation, and Discipline.  Mrs. Boria can be reached by email at







Joining the administrative team in 2019, Mrs. Bailer:  Mrs. Bailer can be reached by email at


Lisa Davenport Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal Lisa Davenport

A graduate of, “the old” Ft. Pierce Central, Ms. Davenport started working in education as a clerk at St. Lucie West Centennial High School, then began teaching at Ft. Pierce Westwood High.  She returned to Centennial as a teacher then became an administrator at Treasure Coast High School, and she now returns to her roots as a Cobra! She holds an associate degree in Human Resource Management, a bachelors in psychology and two masters, one in Psychology and another in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. To quote our new assistant principal, “I believe in the power of education, and the transformative effect it can have in our communities.” Ms. Davenport can be reached by email at:




Assistant Principal Jamie Siminski

Mr. Siminski can be reached by email at:




Admin Secretary Maribel Lein

Ms. Lein has been an instrumental component of the administration team.  She works extensively with Mrs. Buchanan.  Ms. Lein can be reached by email at