Where do I go and what do I do if I’m late to school?

Through the main office, students need to go to the attendance desk that is located down the hall from the front office receptionist.  Please arrive with a parent and/or note and Ms. Beck will determine if the tardy or absence is unexcused/excused.  A green slip will be given for excused or a lunchtime detention for unexcused tardy.

What do I do if I need to schedule a meeting with administrators or a parent/teacher conference?

Parent/teacher conferences can be scheduled by emailing Ms. Angela Hale (angela.hale@stlucieschoools.org) or calling her at 772-468-5762


What is the school’s dress code?

Click here to see FPCHS’ Dress Code Policy.

I’m feeling sick today.  Is there an on-campus clinic?

Yes, there is an on-campus clinic located in room 1-118.  The Health Paraprofessional, Mrs. Lewis is responsible for ensuring.  Students wishing to visit the clinic must have a pass from their teacher.  If you need to take medication during class or have a health injury that warrants special attention, please contact Mrs. Lewis to coordinate at 772-468-5764.  Shot records or any important health information can be faxed to her at 772-468-5781.

Unfortunately, I got a lunch detention (or I have to go to BIC).  Where is it and what must I do when I get there?

Lunch detention is located in the Choir/Drama corridor (3-004) on the south side of the Cafeteria. Please be present before the lunch tardy bell rings and have your white lunch detention slip from your teacher ready.