Effective July 1, 2019, Fort Pierce Central High School will be lead by:

  Monarae Miller-Buchanan, Principal

Mrs. Miller-Buchanan comes to us from Forest Grove Middle school where she had a major impact on student academic performance.  Our new principal believes that students need to be challenged and provided the resources to meet the goals of every challenge.  With this in mind, Mrs. Miller-Buchanan will work with her assistants and new faculty to increase the rigor of courses offered at Central, beginning even in the Freshmen Academy.  Fort Pierce Central’s faculty and staff welcome our new principal and will work to join her vision for the advancement of our students as together they build upon the foundations laid by our former leaders.

“Our Vision is to create an environment that is safe, secure, and contributes to active learning:

  • where every student and staff member are learners and leaders
  • where teachers are facilitators of learners creating engaging work that challenges all students
  • where every parent and the school community is invited and invested”

Mrs. Miller-Buchanan