Matthew Saxton Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Senior Army Instructor

Through Fort Pierce Central High School’s (FPCHS) Army JROTC, Cadets are building a foundation that will last a lifetime. Army JROTC Cadets are among a special group of high school students headed for success.

Cadets participation as a Student and Cadet in this program shows willingness to make the most of a high school education.  Whatever reason for taking this course, every member of Army JROTC is special and brings a different cultural dimension to the program.

The focus of the Army JROTC’s mission is the student.  In fact, Army JROTC is devoted to the growth of the student and person. Beginning the day Cadets enter the JROTC classroom, they are taught the value of citizenship, leadership, and service to community and many more things to motivate them to be better citizens. We look forward to welcoming you to our team.

JROTC and Leadership Training – Army Leadership Education and Training

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop knowledge of the history, customs, traditions, and purpose of the Army JROTC.  The course includes development of leadership skills including leadership principles, values, and attributes. Students should master appreciation for diversity.  Active learning strategies are integrated throughout the course with an emphasis on writing skills and oral communication techniques.  Financial planning, physical fitness, diet, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, awareness of substance abuse and prevention, and basic first aid measures are included.  An overview of the globe and geography and basic map reading skills are incorporated. A study of the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, responsibilities of United States citizens, and the federal justice system is
also provided.

The Fort Pierce Central High School JROTC Program supports 3 Varsity Athletic Teams and 2 Student Support Clubs. Each is open to every JROTC student as long as they maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and a good overall standing in the JROTC Program.

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LTC (Ret.) Matthew Saxton, US Army (Ret.)