Where To Go For What You Need:

Administration Office: for general school business and to meet with administrators.

Principal, Mrs. Mona Miller-Buchanan:  The principal is responsible for the operation of the entire school unit and is the final authority on all matters relating to school personnel, financial affairs, instruction, activities, discipline, and procedures.  He works closely with the Superintendent and district level staff to ensure that the policies adopted by the St. Lucie County School Board are carried out at Fort Pierce Central High School.

Assistant Principal, Ms. Ayesha Boria:  Administrative oversight of the Freshman Academy, Math Department, Testing, BIC Program, Personnel Duty Roster, overall School Discipline, PBIS, Transportation, SRO contact, Supervising Crisis Response Plan, Fire Drills, Tornado Drill and Bus Evacuations and class change oversight of Building 2.

Assistant Principal, Dr. John Lesley: Administrative oversight of Juniors, Science Department, Advanced Placement, Career Technical Programs, Staff Development, Classroom and office assignments, Textbook Accountability, AJROTC Program, Cafeteria staff, Custodial staff, Talent Development, class change oversight of Building 4.

Assistant Principal, Mrs. Jean Emerson: Administrative oversight of Seniors, Social Studies Department, ESOL Program, Eighth Period, SHINE, Master Schedule, Athletic Programs, Talent Development, Activities & Clubs, Title One Initiative, Substitute Teacher Operation, and class change oversight of Building 1 North.

Assistant Principal,  Mrs. Kelly Bailer:  Administrative oversight of Sophomores, ESE and Foreign Language Departments, Dual Enrollment, Curriculum & Learning, Guidance, Faculty Council, RtI, Talent Development, Website, Facilities, Principal liason with students, parents, and community, class change oversight of Building 1 South.

Attendance Office, Mrs. Michelle Skibik:  admission to class/tardy to school

Bookkeeper’s Office, Mrs. Callanan:  payment of  varies fees

Clinic, Mrs. Lewis:  report health problems or injury; health counseling; secure confidential information concerning health records; sign out of school because of illness; deposit ALL medications; lost and found

Dean’s Office, Mr. Kolodziejczak, Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Solomon: disciplinary action and related conferences; SRO; to report rule infractions

Guidance office:  course counseling; scholarship information; transcripts, personal records; class ranking;  G.E.D. (high school equivalency diploma) counseling; information about testing; schedule request changes; information on dual enrollment and post secondary education

School Resource Officers:  report suspected criminal activity; technical information; classroom counseling presentations; report the loss of school and/or personal property; purchase parking permits

Data Specialist, Ms. Valarie Williams:  provide proof of address change/complete the appropriate forms

Athletic Director, Mr. Peter Crespo:  athletic information and concerns

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