“Leadership is not about being the best.

Leadership is about making everyone else better”

Beyond the classroom, our students learn how to create and uphold an inclusive school culture that resembles a diverse family. This begins with student leaders who create different programs aimed at the success and well-being of their peers. Events such as Color Wars and the Amazing Race are offered as a reward for the successful completion of the quarter, while International Day gives students a chance to learn about cultures worldwide.

In response to our district’s Covid-19 policies, we have had to reduce the number of spectators at our school sporting events. Mr. Messina and his students created the “Panther Nation Sports” YouTube channel to live-stream school events. This allows students, families, and the community to support our student-athletes while keeping everyone safe following social distancing policies. Using video equipment donated from other departments throughout the district, the students create a unique experience for our school.

This year, the MOA Leadership virtual students have the opportunity to showcase their school spirit and creative talents through Webdesign. The Jr Webmasters of the MOA Leadership class are not only learning how to design interactive webpages; their designs are published live on the Fort Pierce Westwood Academy website and social media platforms. The pictures below are just a few of the many pages created and maintained entirely by students.

       The Anchor was created by Mr. Messina and the MOA Leadership class of 2019. The mission of this student ran production was for our students to “take-back” the staff’s announcements and provide a fun and creative outlet to jump-start the morning. With a vision in mind along with a green screen, memory card, and editing software, The Anchor was born.

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