Teacher: Ms. Kimberly Evans

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Quarter Note V5.2


Lawnwood GEMS Club

G.E.M.S (Girls Excelling & Motivated to Succeed) is a program designed to empower fourth
and fifth grade girls at Lawnwood Elementary through academic support and mentorship.
The program will be supported by school administration, teachers, and mentors.
Our mission will be to provide young ladies with the resources, tools, and guidance
necessary to encourage positive behavior, self-discipline, and promote high self-esteem and reliance.
The program is designed for participants to work closely with advisors,mentors, and other group members to foster a supportive relationship through reinforcement in behavior, academic achievement, and social growth.
Participants will also have an opportunity to participate in field trips that will enhance their cultural awareness and participate in community service learning projects that foster a sense of citizenship and community pride.
If your daughter is interested in participating in this program, please contact Ms. Evans at (772)468-5740