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Lakewood Park Elementary Students Plot Points on a Life Size Coordinate Plane

Students in Mr. Glotzer’s 5th grade Math class located the origin and x-axis and y-axis on a life-size coordinate plane. Students were given an ordered pair to plot a given point on the first quadrant and then practice finding the distance between two points.

Lakewood Park Elementary Students Learn Through Math Manipulatives

Students in Ms. Quintero’s second-grade class are using manipulatives to learn about shapes. Students are learning about the names of each shape based on the number of sides. The use of manipulatives helps students hone their mathematical thinking skills and helps students connect ideas and integrate their knowledge so that they gain a deep understanding…

Lakewood Park Elementary Students Get Ready for iReady

Lakewood Park Elementary students conferenced with teachers to set goals for the Winter i-Ready Diagnostic. Students worked hard this week to be able to show learning gains in reading and math.

Vocabulary Parade

Lakewood Park Elementary in-person and virtual students were encouraged to represent a content vocabulary word from a previous unit in ELA, Math, Science, or Social Studies.

Jeans and Western Wear Day

2020-2021 School Year Safety Protocols


Toys for our students

New England Club at Spanish Lakes donated all these toys for our students!

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 LWP “Of the Year” staff!

Lakewood Park is honored to have so many talented and caring professionals. Each year, we recognize and highlight a few of these amazing individuals. We’d like to take moment to recognize the following 2019-2020 LWP Staff Members: Teacher of the Year: Zulay Garcia Outstanding First Year Teacher: Tiffany Gardner Minority Educator of the Year: Liz…