Morningside Animal Hospital adopts Vet Prep through the Ed Foundation!

Dr. Kari Kelly, from Morningside Animal Hospital on Port St. Lucie Blvd., visits the Vet Lab to demonstrate how to give a dog a routine examination. 8th grade pre-vet students assisted with handling, heart rate and respiration monitoring, checking Dylan the dog’s teeth and gums, checking lymph nodes and inner ear health. We are very grateful to Morningside Animal Hospital for their support of our studentsIMG_1422 IMG_1380 IMG_1387IMG_1413!

8th Grade Vet Prep ‘Save the Chimps’ field trip!

A small group of Vet Prep students were invited to visit the largest chimpanzee rescue facility in the world, right here in St. Lucie County.

Students were treated to a private tour, healthcare presentation by Dr. Joyce BezDylan 2studentstourner, the on-site Veterinarian, and a special close up visit with the chimps on Dylan’s Island during feeding time!

Students gained insight into these amazing animals and how complex they really are.

October Technology News

Greetings Families!

Check out the cool things happening in the technology lab this month!

Kindergarten is still learning to log on and off in addition to using their mouse skills.  They have also been creating their “wildselves” at  This site (created by the Wildlife Conservation Society) allows students to create a human with animal body parts!  Students enjoy making silly animal-human hybrids while strengthening their mouse orientation skills and editing skills at the same time!

1st grade has learned that Internet games are not just for entertainment.  They have been visiting where they compete against people from around the world in Common Core subject area skills.  Kitten Hop (a sight word recognition game) and Jet Ski Addition (a basic math facts racing game) are big hits in the lab!

2nd grade has been exploring Microsoft Paint and will start to learn basic keyboarding skills.  They will combine what they have learned at the end of the month to create a fall-based painting with 3 typed sentences describing their creation.  Two of the more popular discoveries have been the “undo” button and backspace key.  Students are in awe that you can quickly fix your mistake without ruining your whole project.

6th grade has been evaluating websites and quickly learned that you cannot trust everything you see online.  For example, would you ever send your dog to Dog Island (  This month we will also start creative computing by learning basic computer programming with Scratch.  Students will learn to problem solve, collaborate, and create interactive media projects within the program.

7th and 8th grade have completed online tutorials on Microsoft Excel 2013. Students were given challenge activities to apply their recently learned skills on many of Excel 2013’s features. Two of Excel’s most useful features, formulas and graphs, will be explored in the coming weeks. Students will complete activities requiring a collection of data which they will then have to input into Excel and represent using a graph. One activity will have students graphing the colors of Skittles and M&M’s candies. Once students have some experience creating Excel worksheets independently they will be partnered up to create a multimedia project of their choice. Students will have the option of planning a vacation or a campus event and will have to incorporate Excel’s planning and budget worksheets into a PowerPoint presentation.

Yearbook News

Greetings Families!

If you would like to contribute any photos for possible inclusion in the 2014-2015 Manatee Academy School Yearbook please click the link on the homepage entitled “Manatee Academy Yearbook.”

Clicking this link will open a new window where you simply provide your name and email address and upload your picture(s) to the appropriate section. If you are unsure of which section to upload it to, just choose random.  I will be able to put the photos in the appropriate place once you upload them.

Also, it would help immensely if you added a note explaining who is in the picture, what is happening, where/when the picture was taken, and any other pertinent details. This will allow me to create an accurate index and better captions.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Thank you!


Caleb Bihari

Yearbook Advisor

October Kindergarten News

Greetings Kindergarten Parents! October is shaping up to be a busy month for us.  In Math we will be learning about 2D shapes.  We will be comparing, describing, identifying, and drawing them in our interactive math notebooks.  In Reading and Language Arts, we will be using our oral language to retell stories, learning about adjectives for numbers, and describing nouns.  We will also be learning how to write a sentence using our sight words.  Later on this month, we will be taking a walking field trip to the All Villages Pumpkin Patch located at the end of Heatherwood Blvd.  In Science, we will be learning about the life cycle of pumpkins and the many ways we can use them.  (More information on the date and time will be sent to you by your child’s teacher.)  We will also be learning and exploring the differences between matter; solids, liquids, and gases.  Please remember to read with your child every chance you get and to also work with them nightly on their sight words.

August Technology News

Greetings families! I am excited to share with you all of the exciting things we are doing in technology this year. Students will become proficient in a variety of skills in accordance with the ISTE standards.


In kindergarten and first grade, the first few weeks of schools are focused on students logging into the network with their usernames and passwords. This is an important skill that is akin to crawling before you can walk. Students must be able to login with their specific logins and passwords before they can access anything else on the school computers.

Once these students are logged in, they practice accessing the Internet independently and going to a website that helps them with their mouse skills. These skills are a vital first learning step to master before students can move on to more complex activities. Students are playing games that require a variety of mouse skills such as double clicking, dragging and dropping, and mouse orientation. These games will also help fine tune their motor skills. In addition, students are also learning to log off and shut down the computers.

2nd graders are doing the same thing as their younger school mates but at a much faster pace. Their motor skills are already developed enough to have decent mouse control skills and they mostly know how to log in, log off, and shut down from using the computers in kindergarten and 1st grade. Next up for 2nd graders will be using basic programs and applications that enrich their reading, writing, and math skills.


6th through 8th graders have spent time learning the importance of digital citizenship. Topics such as cyber safety, cyber bullying, copyright law, and ethical decision making have been heavily explored as students learn about potential dangers and/or consequences one can face when using technology inappropriately.  Students have also learned about basic blogging skills and will blog on a topic of their choice throughout the semester. Students are using Gaggle in technology so they can see what an online classroom environment is like. They participate in online discussion boards, submit assignments through their digital locker, and use student email.

Next up for middle school will be a unit on research skills using digital tools. As we continue to explore ethics with technology, students will learn how to find reliable online sources and cite them properly.

New Volunteer Process and Information

New Volunteer Process and Information

The St. Lucie County School District has a new volunteer sign-up system in place.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Manatee Academy, please go to the District Website:

  1. Click the “Jobs” tab
  2. Click the link for how to apply for the first time and set up a username and a password
  3. You are now ready to sign up.  Return to the Jobs tab and click the link for click to apply
  4. View the current job openings and scroll down to volunteer
  5. Follow all the steps to fill out the volunteer application

Thank you for your interest and support!