Introducing Mosaic Digital Academy, a virtual school experience with a personal touch. This  self-selecting, student-parent choice option is designed for kindergarten through grade 12 students whose primary residence is St. Lucie or Martin counties. Virtual schooling is a progressive choice for families, providing expanded educational services, utilizing online curriculum, to a wider student community for anywhere, anytime learning.  What really makes Mosaic Digital Academy’s virtual program unique is the local and personal experience students get by participating in school clubs, tutoring with teachers, and student-centered workshops designed to ensure learning goals are met for every student.


Virtual Program Highlights:

  • A full-time K-12 online public school program leading to a high school diploma
  • Accredited courses aligned to state and national standards
  • Online learning for individualized pacing
  • Local certified teachers
  • Unique & Traditional school clubs and field trips

Jeanne Ziemba                               

Virtual School Administrator


Dana Tillberg                           

School Guidance Counselor


Fran Pitts

School Assessment Specialist

Christine Witczak

School Secretary               Office: 772-429-5504