Students will be enrolled in each of the required core courses for their grade levels. The school counselor will work with the student and the parent to identify electives that interest the student. Check out our Online Course Catalog by following the link and selecting District: St. Lucie, School: Mosaic Digital Academy or St. Lucie Virtual, Select Grade: K-5 or 6-8 or 9-12, and Select Program Area: General

Each virtual school option provides different features, support tools, and components, so our team will help guide you through the options to find the right fit for your child and family needs. Click here to view a comparison of the virtual options in St. Lucie.

Synchronous learning is online or distance education that happens in real time, whereas asynchronous learning occurs through online channels without real-time interaction. The 4th quarter in Spring 2020 was mostly asynchronous (independent work). Full Time Virtual school requires students to work independently mostly, with scheduled Zoom sessions during the week for structured lessons with the teacher (synchronous).

An assignment pacing guide identifies specific assignments that must be submitted that week, however, students may work anytime within the week and they may also work ahead.

Attendance is measured according to the weekly pace guide. When students fail to submit assigned work each week, this puts them behind pace, which translates to absenteeism when there is a pattern of not submitting work for two consecutive weeks.

Full-Time Virtual students will have regularly required contact with teachers – there are required assignments called DBAs (Discussion Based Assessments), which must be done synchronously (at the same time) with the teacher (most often via phone or Zoom). Parents and students also participate in monthly check-ins with instructors and school staff regarding progress, work habits and areas of success or concern.

Full-Time Virtual School students have one teacher per course (with the exception of Elementary, where there is typically one to two instructors depending on the grade level).

Full-Time Virtual School teachers have been trained specifically to teach online however all of them are seasoned highly qualified instructors with experience in both online and traditional settings. As a Full-Time Virtual School Instructor, they must be certified in the State of Florida in the subject area they are teaching. Additionally, they are held accountable to grading within 48 hours and returning communication within 24 (not counting weekends and holidays) and for the successful completion of ALL students.

Mosaic Digital Academy and St. Lucie Virtual students have the opportunity to do live lessons (synchronous learning) to support the instruction of the standards covered within the modules of study each week. Many teachers and departments use synchronous tools to meet with students when they need more support. Students also participate in progress monitoring weekly to build skill deficits.

Courses must be 100% to earn credit. If students don’t work consistently this translates to absenteeism. Teachers will monitor student pace progress weekly and attempt to help the student get caught up. If a pattern of nonattendance persists, a parent-teacher conference is scheduled to help address issues surrounding why the student is not submitting work.

Mosaic Digital Academy is a franchise of FLVS, which means we use FLVS courses on their platform (Educator). To view lesson samples: Elementary Click Here, Middle Click Here, High Click Here

Some Mosaic Digital Academy courses are offered on a different platform for Career and Technical Education courses and students will be provided this information upon enrolling in those courses. Additionally, students will access online skill-building resources as part of their weekly expectations.

St. Lucie Virtual School offers two different course platform options: Click to learn more about these options: 1) Edgenuity Option- To learn more Click Here 2) K12, inc Option- To learn more Click Here

Virtual School students can still participate in their zoned school sports and extra-curricular activities. For those enrolled in Mosaic Digital Academy, there may be opportunities to participate in clubs for specific grade levels.

Students can re-enroll in their zone school, however, if your child wants to go back to their zone school, they will leave with no transfer grades for incomplete courses and they are not guaranteed a seat at the school they were previously enrolled at prior to enrolling in the full-time virtual school.

Virtual Programs of St. Lucie Public Schools is located on the campus of Allapattah Flats K-8, 12051 NW Copper Creek Dr., Port St. Lucie. School phone: 772-429-5504 School fax: 772-429-3978

Yes, students with an Individual Education Plan or 504 plan are eligible to participate in full-time virtual programs. Some specific accommodations may inherently be available due to the very nature of virtual school: additional time, work in shorter time frames, revisit the material as needed, use of eReader and other technical devices, and/or tools to support learning. If the student requires specialized direct instruction and support in one or more academic areas in order to succeed in the general curriculum, this may not be available in the full-time virtual school setting. This type or intensity of service is not available through a virtual instruction program. Special instructional methods or modifications to the curriculum are not available. An IEP Review will be scheduled for students with an Individual Education Plan and the team will convene to discuss the accommodations currently identified in the IEP and a determination will be made to ensure students with an IEP can be provided F.A.P.E. Free and Appropriate Public Education in the full-time virtual setting.

Yes, students with active Individual Education Plans that require services will be permitted to continue services at their zone school. Transportation for these services is not provided by the school district.

How do I enroll full-time in the Virtual Programs of St. Lucie (St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy)?
Enrollment in our full-time program takes place before the first and second semesters of the school year (for students in grades K-12). Students/parents should complete the prospective full-time student application online during the application window. Applications must be completed in full. Once an application is received by a school counselor, we will make contact with the student/parent via email.

How do I enroll part-time in the Mosaic Digital Academy’s FLVS Franchise?
Students in grades 6-12 who attend a traditional school and want to take additional courses online may do so. Course requests must be approved by the student’s counselor and parent/guardian. Home Ed students are also considered part-time students. Students who already have an account with Florida Virtual School must use their existing account to register for Mosaic Digital Academy courses. Students without existing FLVS/Mosaic accounts may create one to enroll. 

Do I need to get approval from my guidance counselor to enroll in Mosaic Digital Academy courses?
Students only require approval from their brick and mortar counselor if they are taking courses part-time with Mosaic Digital Academy.  When students sign-up for a course, it is digitally sent to counselors for their approval.  Students can enroll in part-time courses at any time between August 10-February 10. 

What is the difference between Mosaic Digital Academy and FLVS?
Both programs utilize the same online curriculum and platform (FLVS). Mosaic Digital Academy courses are taught by local St. Lucie Public School employed instructors. Additionally, our program combines online instruction and face-to-face support at our campus located in St. Lucie, at Allapattah Flats K-8 School. 

Is Mosaic Digital Academy and St. Lucie Virtual accredited?
Yes.  Along with all St. Lucie Public Schools, St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy are fully accredited by AdvancED.  

St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy are also registered with the Florida State Department of Education and a part of the St. Lucie Public School system. Our accredited online high school diploma and all credits earned at St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy are accepted by other 6-12 schools, colleges, universities, the military, and employers. Mosaic Digital Academy is registered with NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers. St. Lucie Virtual is registered with NCAA Eligibility Center. 

Can I use a diploma from St. Lucie Virtual or Mosaic Digital Academy to enroll in college, join the military or gain employment?
Yes. St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy have a solid reputation within the academic community. Both St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy offer a standard high school diploma that meet state and school board requirements. Our graduates seamlessly move on to post-secondary education, employment, or enlist in the military. St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy graduates attend major colleges and universities throughout the country as well as abroad.  

Is St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy enrollment available to everyone?
The Virtual Programs of St. Lucie Public Schools are public schools serving grades K-12. If you meet virtual school admission requirements and have determined that online learning is suitable for your needs, you are encouraged to apply for enrollment. We offer a well-rounded learning experience designed to prepare students for a successful future.  

Is there a max number of spots for the virtual school options offered in St. Lucie? What is the latest date that students can be enrolled for the school year?
We currently do not have a cap on student enrollments and have spots available for incoming students.  Our full-time enrollment does have enrollment periods two times during the school year, before each semester. Our school calendar mirrors that of the traditional schools in St. Lucie county. 

How does attendance work in the Virtual School?
The Virtual Programs of St. Lucie offers a true distance learning experience that does not require seat time in a traditional classroom. Periodically, standardized testing and academic interventions require students to attend face-to-face activities. Teachers may exercise the option of having students take face-to-face proctored assignments and exams to ensure fidelity. Students are expected to actively participate in all courses on a weekly basis in order to maintain educational integrity. Students are considered truant if there is no participation in the online courses for more than one week without prior approval and will be reported as truant to the proper authorities.

How do I know if online learning right for me?
A successful online learner is a motivated self-starter and is committed to the success of his or her education. While the Virtual Programs of St. Lucie offer world-class educational opportunities, there is a high degree of accountability placed upon the student.  The Virtual Programs of St. Lucie Public Schools is not an alternative school or dropout prevention program. 

Can I attend virtual school on a full or part-time basis?
We can offer a full curriculum for grades K-12, or just one or two courses in grades 6-12 to satisfy public school graduation requirements; or supplement your homeschool curriculum.

Is there a cost to enroll?
As a public school, enrollment is free to St. Lucie and Martin residents.

Who teaches the online courses at Mosaic Digital Academy and St. Lucie Virtual?
Teachers employed by St. Lucie Public Schools teach all Mosaic Digital Academy courses. For those enrolled in St. Lucie Virtual, the providers we contract with (K12, inc and Edgenuity) instruct the students in their prospective curriculum options. All online courses and programs are taught by highly qualified instructors that meet the Florida Department of Education certification requirements. You can be sure that quality in education is our highest priority.

What if the student has questions or problems while taking a course?
Students are assigned an instructor for each course. Instructors are available daily M-F via phone or email. Teachers also have online office hours throughout the week. Support services are available to all Virtual School students through our guidance department.

What is the difference between the virtual programs and traditional brick-and-mortar schools?
The full time virtual programs and the traditional brick and mortar schools in St. Lucie both are required to teach Florida Standards and to meet all promotion and graduation requirements. There is a significant difference in the flexibility offered to all virtual school students in the way they can earn their courses/ credits online.

Are virtual school courses less challenging than other traditional accredited schools?
No. As accredited schools, St. Lucie Virtual and Mosaic Digital Academy offer a flexible nontraditional option for students. It is not an easier option than traditional accredited schools. All courses are written at or above grade level and require an average of one to two hours of focused study on a daily basis to complete one course within the traditional semester time frame. Our courses engage students in real-life projects, requiring the use of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to apply the knowledge they have acquired.

As a parent, will I be kept informed of my students’ progress?
Yes. As a parent, you will likely receive more updates and information about your student’s progress than ever before. We strongly feel that a parent’s involvement in a child’s education is the key to success. Our teachers are in frequent communication with parents.  You can always see how your child is performing by logging into your VSA parent account.