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Use Student Productivity Tools in Office 365. Students may download Microsoft Office for free.

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Full Time 6-12 Grade Student Information

Live days at Mosaic Digital Academy are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Our temporary school location is on the campus of Windmill Point Elementary 700 Darwin Blv., Port St. Lucie.  Students attending live days must arrive by 8:45 AM with dismissal is at 3:30 PM. Students must dress school appropriate, bring their binder with pacing guides, notes, etc and be ready to work in all courses. Teachers are available to support students with subject-specific questions or technical issues related to course-ware. When students are dropped off for a live day at Mosaic Digital Academy they should bring a healthy lunch or $2.50 to purchase a lunch from the cafeteria. We look forward to seeing our students on live days so be sure you check the school district’s calendar to ensure the day you arrive is a regular school day in St. Lucie.

We are a Kids At Hope school and believe all students are talented, smart and capable of success. We also believe students should feel safe and enjoy their experiences at school therefore we expect our students to use kinds words when speaking with or about others.