Welcome to Mosaic Digital Academy:
Your Part Time Virtual Course Option

4 Easy Steps for enrolling in an online course as a part time virtual student (Public or Home Education Students residing in Martin or St. Lucie only):

1. Complete the Part Time Virtual Application for St. Lucie Public Schools and fax to: 772-429-3978. Additional documentation may be required before courses are approved through our virtual program.

2. Visit www.flvs.net to create an account, or to access your existing account. If you need to create an account, make sure you write down your username and password.

3. Request a new course (be sure to check with your counselor if you are full time enrolled in a public school in St. Lucie or Martin counties). If you are a home education student you must be sure to select a course that is appropriate for your grade level using the FLVS Home Education resource page: https://www.flvs.net/homeschool/resources

4. After you choose your course and preferred start date, look for the dropdown menu and choose Mosaic Digital Academy. This will ensure you will get placed with a Mosaic Digital Academy instructor who can give you local support throughout your course. We serve Martin and St. Lucie Public school students as well as limited seats for home school students!

IMPORTANT Semester Timeframe Notice: All Mosaic Digital Academy course segments must be 100% complete according to St. Lucie Public Schools student calendar timeline and earning a passing score for Middle School Promotion and High School credit requirements. Your Mosaic Digital Academy teacher will provide you with the semester 2 deadline for all courses.


Welcome part time students to Mosaic Digital Academy, St. Lucie Public Schools FLVS Franchise. Our team seeks to ensure you achieve your academic goals and successfully complete online courses to earn credit this school year.

Our school office is located in St. Lucie county on the campus of Allapattah Flats K-8 and our teachers are highly qualified and live locally! As your academic team, we work closely with your school counselor and provide periodic updates about pace and academic progress. Our instructors provide progress reports through the FLVS email system to parents and students to ensure they are informed of academic progress.

Here are a few important details you need to know to help keep you on track:

  1. Full Year vs Semester only Course:  Whether taking a full year course or a single semester length course students will be required to complete it by semester 2 (2019) to earn credit with Mosaic Digital Academy. SUPER IMPORTANT:  If you are a senior and require this course for graduation, the course must be completed by the Senior deadline based on your school’s Senior deadline requirement (Check with your school’s counselor).
  2. Parent Access to FLVS Account: As a parent you have access to your child’s progress in their online course! Please use this resource to create your online account to help support and encourage your student toward success. CREATE a Parent Account
  3. Communication Requirements: Parents are required to participate in an initial Welcome call within the first 2 weeks of being class assigned to the course and  Monthly calls with their child’s instructor. The instructor will use the contact information found in the FLVS Student Account which was created by you or your child.Failure to respond to communication from Mosaic Digital Academy staff within a reasonable timeframe will be cause for withdrawal.  To ensure you do not miss communication from our staff pleae view and update your contact information in your parent FLVS account.  Please use this resource to edit your existing parent account! EDIT your Parent Account .
  4. Please be sure to maintain two-way communication with instructors to ensure your student’s enrollment goals are met.


Parents are welcome to call our school office between the hours of 8:00 – 4:00 Monday through Friday for questions about their student’s progress or to inquire about additional online course offerings. When calling, please indicate that your child is taking a part time course with us so that we may support your questions quickly and efficiently.

We are pleased to serve St. Lucie Public School students and aim to support your student’s successful course completion!

Enrollment for part time courses remains open until February 1, 2019 however all courses must be completed according to the SLPS May 2019 deadline. Seniors must check with their school counselors to find out when the Senior Deadline is for graduation requirements to be fulfilled.

Thank you for choosing Mosaic Digital Academy for your online course options.