2019/ 2020 Laptop Distribution

2019/ 2020 Laptop Distribution

On Saturday, August 17, student laptops will be distributed for the 2019/ 2020 school year.  Our new model, Dell 3390 2-in-1, will be distributed on August 17, for all grades-9-12. For any questions, please contact Mrs. Cooper at 772-337-6088. Laptop fees are $25. This includes a charger. For faster service during distribution, we encourage you to pay online.  Just remember to print your receipt to show at the time of pick up. Please park in the student parking lot. You may enter the school through the Media Center. After payment is made, please proceed to the cafeteria to pick up laptop and charger.

Remember, any student who did not return their charger will be required to pay $28 for the lost charger. Students who did not return their laptop will be required to pay $650 to replace the laptop. All students and parents are encouraged to review the laptop policies and procedures.


Last name beginning with…
A through F 8:00—8:30 AM
G through M 8:30—9:00 AM
N through V 9:00—9:30 AM
W through Z 9:30—10:00 AM


Last name beginning with…
A through E 9:30—10:00 AM
F through M 10:00—10:30 AM
N through Y 10:30—11:00 AM


Last name beginning with…
A through F 11:00—11:30 AM
G through N 11:30 – 12:00 noon
O through Z 12:30—1:00 PM


Last name beginning with…
A  ONLY 12:30—1:00 PM
B through H 1:00—1:30 PM
I through P 1:30—2:00 PM
Q through Z 2:00—2:30 PM