Visual, Performing Arts, and Technology Academy

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower students and hold them accountable to achieve success by promoting collaboration and individual creativity.

Our Focus

Creativity and human expression through the arts and technology are at the center of the program. The VPAT Academy focuses on integrating the visual and performing arts, and technology into the core curriculum for students. PSLHS has a world-class musical theatre program, a long history of superior ratings in band competitions, and an extremely successful dance program. Students can also channel their creativity and self-expression into our visual arts program in painting, ceramics, pottery and photography. A growing digital technology program is home to television production, digital cinema, web design. Students can also learn the fundamentals of accounting and financial operations.

Junior Experiences

At the beginning of the year, VPAT teachers build an induction program for juniors, to welcome them into VPAT. The academic challenges for juniors include: Chemistry and Physics Benchmarks, PERT Testing, and SAT/ACT preparation and testing, and/or FCAT retakes. IB and AP students are also testing in their junior level courses. It is definitely a challenging year for juniors! Juniors also work on scholarship research, earning community service hours, and exploring college and post-high school career options. Juniors may also be taking dual enrollment courses at IRSC.

Senior Experiences

IB and AP seniors are preparing at the end of the year for their IB /AP exams in May and June. All seniors focus on SAT/ACT/PERT preparation. There are more college tours and workshops and financial aid workshops. Other seniors may need to make credit lab and Florida Virtual a priority as they ready their credits and GPA for graduation. Senior teachers are especially diligent about identifying “endangered seniors” and working closely with families to ensure success for all. During this year, PSLHS seniors also compete for the Young Floridian Scholarships available in St. Lucie County.

Core Team Subjects

Students belong to a team of teachers for:

  • Upper School English, Honors English, IB English
  • Upper School Maths, Honors maths, IB Math
  • US History, Honors US History, IB History of the Americas, AP US History
  • Chemistry, Honors Chemistry
  • Environmental Science, Honors Environmental Science, AP Environmental, IB Environmental
  • IB Biology, Earth/Space Science, Honors Anatomy
  • Intensive Reading and Math