Sports Physical

On May 19, from 9am to noon, students can get their sports physical for just $10. There will be female and male doctors available. The 2018-2019 Athletics Packets are now online. Of course, you can also stop by the Athletics Office in room 218 to get a Packet where there is a notary available.

Hidden Gems of Careers

Don’t miss out! Here is an opportunity to learn more about the employment and training programs and services CareerSource Research Coast offers to job seekers as well as adult education and vocational programs offered at Indian River State College. Click here for more information.

Jaguars Stomping Out Bullying

On Wednesday, October 25, the Jaguar family bonded to Stomp Out Bullying. Recognizing this effort by wearing orange, both students and staff agree that “Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter” (Online Sense, 2017).

Collage created by Sue Degginger

2017/18 Laptop Program

What does my laptop fee cover? The $25 fee covers mechanical damages such as motherboards, memory, bad batteries, or hard drives. It does not cover the following: broken screens intentional damage by throwing it while in or out of your backpack spilling liquids on the laptop the dog chewing the battery cord sibling taking your…

Hall of Fame

Name Year Kelly Dillon 2003 Richard Ankiel 2003 Karen Geisenger 2003 Rupert Blackwood 2003 Larry Green 2003 Thetlan Detry 2003 Jason Casiano 2003 Nick Briley 2006 Darrell Wright 2007 Chris Young 2007 Mario Rinaldi 2008 Jon Coutlangus 2008 A.J. Rinaldi 2009 Brian Foster 2009 Habrews Josue 2009 George Keyzer 2010 Brian Sullivan 2010 Jason Harrison…