Contacts & Appointments


Parents are encouraged to contact our office to schedule an appointment to ensure your child(ren)’s counselor will be available for your visit. Parents who choose to walk-in to our office without an appointment take the risk of finding their child’s counselor unavailable or will not have sufficient time to address their concerns. Counselors do realize there are times when there will be emergencies that occur and are unexpected; however, if your concern is not urgent, we would appreciate your courtesy of creating an appointment. Students can easily stop by to see their counselors before school, during their scheduled lunch, and after school or they can sign-up for an appointment with their counselor. Also, please be aware that all parent-teacher conferences are held after school when teachers are available from 1:41 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.

9th Grade

School Counselor      Email:  Angela Mazzocco           772-337-6713

Dean of Students      Email:   Suzanne Power              772-337-6717

Assistant Principal     Email:   Louisa Sage                    772-337-6719

10th Grade

School Counselor    Email:  Cassandra Adams     772-337-6709

Dean of Students     Email:   Suzanne Power        772-337-6717

Assistant Principal  Email:   Bradley Lehman      772-337-6710

11/12th Grade

School Counselor     Email: Mike Galloway               772-337-6712
Last Names (A-F)      Guidance Director

School Counselor     Email: Kelly Brown                    772-337-6708
Last Names (G-N)

School Counselor     Email: Monica Brooks               772-337-6707
Last Names (O-Z)

Dean of Students    Email: Kareem Rodriguez       772-337-6766

11th Grade Assistant Principal  Email: Myrna Belgraves  772-337-6720

12th Grade Assistant Principal Email: Gerald Earley  772-337-6704

Other Important Contacts

Email: Dana Sheffield  772-337-6083   Graduation Coach At-Risk 9-12, Senior Class  Sponsor (Grad tickets, grad bash, senior class activities etc.)

Email: William Smith   772-337-6718    Attendance and Parking Permits

Email: Kim Guzman     772-337-6711    Skyward Access

Email: Donna Ney       772-337-6714    Registration, records, transcripts

Email: Mario Aleus or
 Kaitlyn Kloser                772-337-6798   ESE Department

Email: Linda Cooper   772-337-6088      Laptop Questions


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